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Carlson Laboratories


Carlson Laboratories
600 W. University Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: (847) 255-1600
Fax: (847) 255-1605
E-mail: carlson@carlsonlabs.com
Website: www.carlsonlabs.com

A Family Tradition of the Finest Natural Supplements

In 1965, John and Susan Carlson opened the doors of Carlson Laboratories offering only a single vitamin E formula. The Carlson family knew firsthand about this powerful antioxidant, especially in the alpha-tocopheryl sucinate form. They started Carlson Laboratories after seeing the health benefits Susan Carlson’s father experienced from taking this form of vitamin E. The Carlsons wanted to share with everyone the health benefits their family found using naturally sourced vitamin E. Over the years, John and Susan continued to develop their product line to meet the nutritional needs of their customers.

Their daughters, Carilyn and Kirsten Carlson, grew up living and learning the family business of educating retailers, consumers and physicians on the science of nutrition and supplements. When John and Susan made the decision to retire in 2010, it made perfect sense for the sisters to step up as the new management team of Carlson Laboratories.

Making several positive changes since taking over (including expanding their sales force and moving to a new facility in 2013, which doubled their capacity), Carilyn and Kirsten have maintained their focus on continuing the journey their parents started on almost 50 years ago. Offering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service has always been top priority for the Carlson family. As John Carlson always said, “No one cares more about the quality that goes into a product than the people who put their names on it.” Carlson Laboratories is dedicated to providing only the finest natural supplements.

Major Products
Since the early days of Carlson and their single vitamin E formula, the family has developed the product line to become the most complete line of natural-source vitamin E products in the world. Realizing the importance of omega-3s early on, Carlson Laboratories began educating retailers and consumers about the health benefits of fish oil in 1982. Acting on a wealth of knowledge, Carlson was one of the first companies to bring liquid Norwegian cod liver oil and other Norwegian fish oils to the North American market. Over the years, the Carlson fish oil line has grown to include liquids, soft gels and fish oil multiple formulations, all of which contain the important omega-3s EPA and DHA. The rest of the product line includes more than 250 highly developed formulas designed to meet a wide variety of nutritional needs.

Over the past year, Carlson has developed and introduced more than 10 new and innovative products, including Norwegian cod liver oil with bubble gum taste (derived from natural fruit flavors) for children as well as adults. Carlson also introduced a new, eco-friendly line of fish oils known as EcoSmart Omega-3 and EcoSmart DHA. These products are derived from calamari, which is a highly sustainable source of omega-3s. One of 2013’s most popular product introductions was Carlson Super Daily D3. This new product is in liquid drop form, is odor and taste-free, and provides a high concentration of vitamin D3 in just one drop.

The Carlson Advantage
The first and foremost consideration at Carlson Laboratories is quality; the company’s high standards will not be sacrificed for any reason. Carlson is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing customers with superior products based on accepted scientific research. All Carlson products go through rigorous third-party testing prior to being released to their valued customers.

Carlson Laboratories high quality nutritional products are key components to achieving optimal health.

Key Executives
• Carilyn Anderson, President
• Kirsten Carlson, Vice President of Marketing
• Antoinette Edwards, Vice President of Administration
• Robert Meyer, Vice President of Operations
• Patrick Bucaro, National Sales Director