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2015 Company Profiles: Emerson Ecologics

1230 Elm St., Ste. 301
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (603) 656-9778
Fax: (603) 656-9797
Website: www.emersonecologics.com

Emerson Ecologics

For more than 30 years, Emerson Ecologics has been providing professional-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and natural health products to integrative health practitioners. The company is committed to the expansion of integrative health care, and is focused on adapting and expanding its product portfolio of 275-plus quality brands, to continually exceed the expectations of its practitioner partners.

Emerson recognizes that quality-manufacturing practices are essential to the integrity and efficacy of professional-grade vitamins, supplements and natural products, and the Emerson Quality Program (EQP) is a rigorous quality assurance program designed to support practitioners’ ability to discern quality brands and products. Each of the company’s EQP Gold and EQP Silver partners must complete a quality application that details their current manufacturing processes including cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) process, raw material testing and final product testing.

At Emerson, the company is dedicated to your success as an integrative practitioner—and it has now extended that commitment to a full suite of resources, tools and services to help your practice succeed. The company is excited to launch Wellevate, Emerson’s Next-Generation Online Patient Dispensary, aimed at elevating health and wellness. Emerson’s safe, customizable and secure platform can help you share customizable recommendations, improve patient compliance and ultimately grow your practice. Emerson’s Practitioner Resource Center will help you stay current on clinical research and access practice management tools. The company is committed to helping you solve your biggest business challenges and have launched the IGNITE Program to continue support you with educational opportunities including our annual conference, hands-on workshops and webinars.

Emerson values your partnership and welcome your suggestions for how the company can best serve your needs. Your success is Emerson’s success—and the company looks forward to a continued partnership.