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2015 Company Profiles: FoodScience Corp./DaVinci Labs

20 New England Dr.
Essex Jct., VT 05452
Phone: (802) 325-1776
Email: info@davincilabs.com
Website: www.davincilabs.com

Leader of Nutritional Research, Product Development and Innovation

For more than 40 years, DaVinci Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation from its home state of Vermont, producing animal and human nutritional supplements. The company’s dedication to higher integrity, and insistence on superior quality are a reflection of the values of its parent company, FoodScience Corporation. FoodScience Corporation is a family-owned and managed company and is always willing to assist its customers in any way possible on matters relating to nutrition, including through individual consultations with the company’s chief science officer.

Every day, DaVinci continues to set new standards for quality and product innovation so the company can keep doctors and patients as informed and healthy as possible. DaVinci is committed to finding the best delivery systems for ingredients and the most bioactive and bioavailable forms of nutrients. Recently, the company has added ingredients like Meriva Phytosome to some new supplements. DaVinci also updated its formulas with folic acid to include the bioactive 5-MTHF.

Raw materials used in DaVinci products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on its labels. Each lot of tablets or capsules is carefully assayed to be sure they meet the company’s product specifications. These assays are available to any customer upon request. Customers can also request certificates of analysis for raw materials.

DaVinci implements rigorous quality control measures. On its human products, the company tests in-house for label claim in a Label Claim Random Product Testing Program. DaVinci tests for heavy metals on three consecutive lots. It also performs stability testing. For every “free of” label, the company performs allergen (gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, corn) testing on each lot.

In DaVinci’s research and development process, the company focuses on the complex relationships that exist among nutrients and the latest advancements in nutrition therapies. This focus allows the company to create innovative formulas that best serve the health needs of holistic practitioners and their patients.

Telomere Benefits

Telomere Benefits’ bottle

DaVinci recently introduced a healthy aging supplement called Telomere Benefits. Research has proven that telomere length is a prime indicator of overall health status as we age. Telomeres degrade and shorten over time and are associated with cellular aging and dysfunction. It has been reported that Astragaloside IV can help maintain normal telomere length through supporting key enzyme activation.* While other regimens may come with prohibitive price tags for practices and patients, DaVinci worked hard to find a way to offer the potent healthy aging support of Astragaloside IV at a fraction of the cost.*

Other recent innovations include Metabolic Multi, a multivitamin designed to support normal insulin sensitivity and fat metabolism.* DaVinci’s core products include: an advanced probiotic formulation, Mega Probiotic-ND; a potent liquid D3 10,000 IU; a digestive support supplement known for its unique ingredients, GI (gastroinestinal) benefits; B vitamin complexes with active forms of vitamin B; and the company’s flagship product, an immune and endurance support supplement called DMG.*

DaVinci’s services include direct to patient ordering processes, clinical consultations, private labeling options with graphics and marketing support, and custom formula development and manufacturing.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.