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2015 Company Profiles: Natural Partners

8445 E. Hartford Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: (888) 633-7620
Fax: (800) 862-1261
Email: info@naturalpartners.com
Website: www.naturalpartners.com

Family of Wellness

Natural Partners was conceived of as a resource for integrated health care practitioners who were so busy caring for their patients, they had no time for the logistics of ordering products and managing inventory. They understood that welcoming wellness often requires the support of foundational and condition-specific supplements. That’s when the company’s founder, Tye Smith, offered: “Let us handle that. You focus on your patients and your practice.” And just like that, Natural Partners was born.

Since 1995, Natural Partners has been a resource for practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness by providing education and professional-grade products. The company has researched brands with trusted product lines and welcomed them into its family of wellness. This ensures that the company offer practitioners the quality products they need—in a way that they love—to help them provide personalized care for their patients. Natural Partners currently provides more than 14,000 premium products from more than 170 trusted brands.

Natural Partners works with thousands of health care practitioners every week to help them establish and maintain an efficient, seamless ordering system that ensures their patients get the supplements they need when they need them.

Through the visionary leadership of the company’s executive team, Natural Partners believes focusing its attention shapes our world, so its chooses to focus on wellness. The Natural Partners executive leadership includes:

• Fran Towey, President
• Tye Smith, CEO and Founder
• Dianna Smith, Chief Marketing Officer
• Tim Engvall, Chief Operations Officer
• Steve Clark, Vice President of Information Technology
• Leeta Radcliff, Vice President of Talent and Culture
• Jim Edwards, Vice President of Finance
• Charles Streadney, Director of Quality

At Natural Partners, wellness is an evolving process of achieving an increasingly full, healthy life. In fact, walk through the company’s doors and you’ll see wellness is behind everything it does. This includes:

• Providing professional products backed by solid science
• Lending a listening ear
• Expediting, tracking and following up on everything order related
• Advancing and automating technology to simplify patient care
• Bringing together a community of key medical influencers
• Helping each other achieve healthy outcomes
• Supporting a more personalized approach to wellness
• Educating patients on ingredients, products and health benefits
• Breaking into song for no reason whatsoever

Today’s increasingly personalized approach to wellness demands more sophisticated technology. Natural Partners has invested in developing a robust e-commerce platform with practically limitless capabilities. Through this platform, the company provides expedited and consistent order fulfillment for each customer’s practice or clinic. The company’s platform also supports online dispensing capabilities that just aren’t possible with other technologies.

One call is all a practitioner needs to make to set up a new, personalized product dispensary. Natural Partners’ product inventory combines ingredients designed to target specific treatment outcomes when properly recommended by a practitioner. The company likes to think of itself as the practitioner’s go-to resource for improving compliance and care.

Natural Partners vets its brand partners and work with them to ensure they comply with the required regulatory requirements for quality and safety. The company also documents any additional certifications, including TGA, NSF and non-GMO Project Verified. During the vetting process, Natural Partners also tracks and enters into its database which products include common allergens or are eligible for special diets, such as gluten- or dairy-free diets, and products are kosher or halal.

At Natural Partners, the company’s commitment to caring is embodied in the 10 Core Values that drive everything it does:

1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
2. Work with a sense of integrity at all times.
3. Get the job done with teamwork and cooperation.
4. Win others over and provide excellence in client services.
5. Constantly grow and learn.
6. Be innovative.
7. Create a positive company atmosphere.
8. Be bigger than our business.
9. Find a way to create a healthy environment.
10. Embrace positive change.

Natural Partners knows that caring for patients takes a tribe. The company thinks that sharing the caring makes it joyful. And together, an even bigger difference can be made in people’s health.

And if it advances world wellness, Natural Partners is all for it!