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2015 Company Profiles: Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems

100 Avenue Tea
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Corporate Headquarters: (800) 635-1233
Orders: (866) 972-6879
Fax: (831) 429-0189

The Power of Nature

Rainbow Light was founded in 1981 in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA by a team with a passion for providing healthy nutritional supplements grounded in the power of nature. From the beginning, Rainbow Light has created natural supplements that make a difference in the health and well-being of our customers while promoting sustainable practices for planetary health and contributing to the fight against global malnutrition.

The company’s supplements are and have always been based in nutritious, whole foods. Rainbow Light carefully combines pure food and botanical extracts with nutrients to support all systems of the body, at potencies appropriate for the specific health objective. Plant enzymes and probiotics are added to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption for increased energy.

One of the most important ingredients in the company’s line today, spirulina was the first product Rainbow Light offered. Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse derived from algae: sustainably grown, pure, with easily digestible cell walls. Spirulina is naturally rich in vegetarian protein, B vitamins, antioxidants and omegas. Spirulina forms part of the food base in every one of the company’s multivitamin products, along with a customized blend of citrus bioflavanoids, kale, beet, ginger and other targeted superfoods specific to each formula. In fact, Rainbow Light’s name originates with spirulina. In the early days, during nutritional content testing procedures, the company discovered that spirulina refracted all the colors of the rainbow under a light spectrophotometer. These rainbow colors revealed the full spectrum of nutritional constituents present in spirulina. Inspired by the power of nature, viewed through the lens of science, our brand name was born!

Purity and Quality

Rainbow Light’s Bio-balanced products are made in the USA in the company’s own certified organic facility in accordance with federal good manufacturing practices (GMPs). They contain no artificial or objectionable additives.

Rainbow Light rigorously monitors the purity and potency of products throughout every stage of production:

• Raw material vendors are hand-selected for quality; inspection processes include Certificates of Analysis for potency and microbiological testing, and selective testing with independent labs
• Products comply with United States Pharmocopeia standards for quality, disintegration, microbiologiocal limits, and heavy metals
• Production facility and onsite laboratory meet or exceed compliance with GMPs
• Independent FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-approved labs test finished products
• Natural Products Association’s TruLabel program confirms accuracy of label potency through independent lab analysis

Rainbow Light’s certified suite of products are the first to deliver therapeutic, proven nutrient potencies studied for long-term health benefits in products certified organic by Quality Assurance International. The certified suite is digestion-enhanced with enzymes, botanicals, prebiotics and probiotics.

Certified Organics enhance even the healthiest diets with organic superfood concentrates, including blueberries, pomegranates, American ginseng, spirulina, milk thistle and medicinal mushrooms to support healthy liver function and cellular integrity for strong, vibrant health. Vegetarian capsules can be opened and poured into smoothies or on food.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From the beginning, Rainbow Light has been committed to fighting global malnutrition through the company’s long partnership with Vitamin Angels and its involvement with the Santa Cruz Food Bank and Homeless Garden project.

Rainbow Light has also taken environmental stewardship seriously from the start. The company commissioned its first packaging sustainability analysis in 1990, which indicated that plastic bottles had the lowest impact on the environment at that time. Rainbow Light’s packaging has continued to evolve, resulting in the company’s 2010 transition—as the first and only supplement brand—to 100 percent post-consumer recycled EcoGuard bottles that are also 100 percent recyclable. The EcoGuard conversion has reduced Rainbow Light’s bottle carbon footprint by 92 percent. EcoGuard also reduces the need for virgin plastic production from fossil fuels and keeps 10 million bottles out of our oceans and landfills every year.

Today, Rainbow Light continues its natural products leadership with innovative formulas that deliver research-proven ingredients, always safety and purity tested in its production facility in Sunrise, FL. These products are formulated based on the latest nutritional science to ensure appropriate potencies and optimal combinations for absorption, utility and effectiveness. Rainbow Light is proud to offer the best-selling prenatal, women’s, men’s and children’s supplements, and we hear from its customers repeatedly that they never felt a difference from a multivitamin—until they tried Rainbow Light.