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2015 Company Profiles: RLC Labs

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Pioneering In Endocrine Treatment

Dedicated to natural and comprehensive hypothyroid treatment for more than 75 years.

History The company now known as RLC Labs began life in 1932 under the name Western Research Laboratories. It was founded by Dr. William McClymonds who built a strong foundation establishing Naturally Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), Westhroid, as a principal treatment for hypothyroidism and establishing the importance and benefits of natural (thyroid) hormone for proper metabolic cycle.


Nature-Throid bottle

Since 2006, RLC Labs has continued to provide its signature prescription thyroid medications, Nature-Throid, Westhroid and WP-Thyroid, as well as professional dietary supplements for synergistic endocrine health, a-Drenal and i-Throid.


An underactive thyroid has plagued individuals for centuries. However, increase in negative environmental stasis are resulting in more hormone disruptors being introduced into our bodies now more than ever.

The environmental factors can include increasing pollutants and toxins such as halide chemicals (e.g. chlorine, fluorine and bromine), hormone disrupting chemicals (e.g. BPA in plastic), heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead, arsenic) and lack of wholesome foods (e.g. processed, contaminated and genetically modified).

Proven Hypothyroid Treatment

The traditional treatment for hypothyroidism has been the use of naturally desiccated thyroid with historical use dating back to over a century. However, since the 1960s, this has been replaced by synthetic hormone (mainly the inactive T4 – levothyroxine), which is now established as the “conventional” therapy.

More recently though, the use of levothyroxine has fallen out in favor and natural approaches using NDT are increasing. This is mainly due to NDT containing both the inactive T4 hormone and the active T3 (thyronine) hormone. The very factors that may cause hypothyroidism in the first place may also influence the conversion of the inactive T4 to active T3. Without the active T3 hormone, patients may not be receiving the relief from symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Although NDT is a natural ingredient, it currently falls under the federal monograph of Thyroid USP (United States Pharmacopeia). Under Thyroid USP, the desiccated thyroid gland is derived from pigs and specific levels of T3 and T4 are carefully monitored and tested to ensure consistency and reliability from batch to batch (the exact same requirements for the prescription synthetic thyroid medications). This is the primary difference between Thyroid USP medication and dietary supplements containing desiccated thyroid glands. Prescription Thyroid USP guarantees potency, consistency and efficacy levels of thyroid hormones established by the USP and enforced through the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The dietary supplement version of NDT may use desiccated thyroid gland (typically from cows or sheep) but under current federal law cannot disclose any amount of thyroid hormones that may be present. As such, companies are not testing for its presence and there is no standardization of these very important hormones that are essential for proper hypothyroid treatment.

Complete Endocrine Care

In addition to the focus on underactive thyroid, numerous holistic physicians also have taken great care to identify and address the needs of the adrenal gland. Patients suffering from adrenal fatigue live day to day with debilitating symptoms similar in profile to hypothyroidism.

In recognition of this, RLC Labs introduced two dietary supplements, a-Drenal and i-Throid that were designed to offer independent but complementary support to the existing principal hypothyroid treatment.

The main ingredient in a-Drenal is desiccated adrenal gland. The same philosophy remains on this product as our thyroid in providing glandular therapy for sources of naturally occurring hormones. In addition to the glandular therapy, there are various adaptogenic herbs, such as cordyceps, ginseng, rhodiola along with pantothenic acid (B5) to aid in combating adrenal fatigue.

The role of i-Throid is to offer iodine and iodide in a capsule versus the traditional Lugol’s liquid solution. Lugol’s relies on the presence of both iodine and iodide to offer full therapy of iodide and iodine (to combat the bombardment of the other negative halides and for support of healthy tissues). To address Lugol’s shortcoming in not being able to precisely measure dosage, the company created i-Throid in a solid capsule form.

These synergistic therapeutic protocols offer physicians a complete and effective approach in managing their patients’ endocrine health.

WPThyroid Westhroid Pure

WPThyroid Westhroid Pure

Quality and Licensure

Nature-Throid, Westhroid and WP-Thyroid are prescription medications that have been in the marketplace for decades and continue to offer the same quality, consistency, and potency without any recalls that may have plagued other prescription thyroid medications.

Both a-Drenal and i-Throid are formulated using the highest quality ingredients at their clinically effective, therapeutic dosage levels. These scientifically driven formulas are unique and have set the standards for like kind-formulas since their introduction.

RLC Labs possesses two Arizona State Board of Pharmacy Licenses (one in manufacturing), DEA Manufacturing License as well as being an FDA registered cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) manufacturing facility.