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2015 Company Profiles: Vital Nutrients

45 Kenneth Dooley Dr.
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (888) 328-9992
Website: www.vitalnutrients.net

Good Health is Vital

Company Statement/Mission

To provide health care practitioners, patients and hospitals with superior quality nutraceuticals manufactured with unmatched quality assurance standards; to ensure consistent, clinically effective results … Because “Good Health is Vital.”

Company History/Description

Vital Nutrients was founded on a desire to make consistent, high quality, clean products that are clinically reliable. Research on existing nutraceutical companies indicated quality control guidelines were often inconsistently followed or completely ignored. Vital Nutrients is an American-owned supplement manufacturer that is widely known as the Leader in Quality Assurance. The Vital Nutrients product line includes hundreds of science-based and pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

Vital Nutrients Core Values Include:

Quality: Vital Nutrients’ quality assurance program far exceeds both regulatory and industry standards. Each batch of every product is tested for purity and potency by accredited independent laboratories using scientifically valid test methods.

Efficacy: Vital Nutrients understands that a health care practitioner’s success and credibility depend on the clinical effectiveness of their treatment program. For a practitioner using nutritional supplements as part of the treatment protocol, clinical success with patients depends on the quality, purity and consistency of the products prescribed. Vital Nutrients’ quality assurance program ensures that each of these parameters is met in every bottle.

Research-Based: All of Vital Nutrients’ products are formulated by a dedicated team of health care professionals. The company’s team utilizes peer-reviewed research to develop evidence-based products at therapeutic doses. Materials are carefully chosen to ensure the most bioavailable and bioactive ingredients are utilized to provide the utmost physiological benefit.

Core Products

Vital Nutrients carries a wide range of nutraceuticals designed to meet the daily demands of men and women of all ages, along with special formulations geared toward pediatric patients. Vital Nutrients products are free from gluten, artificial colorings and preservatives.

Vital Nutrients’ products may benefit a range of health categories including gastrointestinal, immune, brain and cardiovascular health, as well as assist with weight management, detoxification, sleep, mood and stress resistance. In addition to system specific formulations, Vital Nutrients carries a comprehensive selection vitamins, minerals, botanicals, essential fatty acids and protein powders.

New Introductions

Vital Nutrients is excited to introduce Prostate Health Tx, a patented formula developed to provide natural support for maintaining normal PSA levels while preserving quality of life.* Prostate Health Tx offers a safe and proactive approach, without the risk of altering testosterone or dihydrotestosterone levels.* Prostate Health Tx is backed by clinical research, including a human clinical trial (n=40) conducted at the University of Southern California, which found PSA declines in 38 percent of participants.* Learn more at www.vitalnutrients.net/prostatehealthtx.

Quality Assurance

While all natural product companies claim to have the best quality, many may not be completing all the steps required to comprehensively ensure that quality and purity standards are consistently met for every batch of product. At Vital Nutrients, no corners are cut when it comes to quality assurance. The company provides comprehensive proof and fully guarantee that its products are prepared utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing practice and laboratory quality assurance.

Before production can begin, all raw materials are tested for authenticity, potency and microbial contamination (bacteria, yeast, and mold), as well as any contaminant specific to the nature of the material, including:

• Chemical solvent residues—more than 50 different solvents
• Heavy metals—mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic
• Herbicide/pesticide/fungicide residues—more than 300 different chemicals
• Aflatoxins—carcinogenic compounds which can grow on plants during storage
• Industrial contaminants – including PCB’s and dioxins
• Rancidity markers—both peroxides and anisidines (primary and secondary oxidation by-products)

Vital Nutrients exclusively uses independent U.S. laboratories that have been audited and verified for scientifically valid analytical methods and ethical lab practices for all raw material and product testing.

All finished products are re-tested for label claim potency, microbiology contamination, and stability before being approved for sale.

Manufacturing Excellence

Vital Nutrients manufactures its supplements in a clean, strictly controlled facility. The company knows precisely what goes into its products, and more importantly it knows what is not in its products. This allows the company to produce nutritional supplements that are free of unacceptable or undesirable additives.

Vital Nutrients’ facility is staffed with a full-time quality assurance and quality control manager and quality control personnel to ensure consistent compliance with the company’s industry leading comprehensive quality system and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) good manufacturing practices. You can depend upon Vital Nutrients to provide the finest quality natural products. The company assures “proven and verifiable” quality and supply practitioners with clinically effective products and formulas.


Vital Nutrients regularly offers educational events to health care professionals, including live evidence-based webinars presented by leading experts. The company’s webinar archive includes a library of recordings that explore a wide range of topics. In addition, specialty brochures, product sheets and patient handouts are available.

Key Executives

• Thomas Petrarca, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President
• Rick Liva RPh, ND, Chief Medical Officer & Director of Quality