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2016 CAM Innovations

This special section of Natural Practitioner comes in response to the desire for a greater understanding of the research and history behind the products available to practitioners and their patients, and manufacturers wanting to offer the science that backs the effectiveness of their products. We have featured a similar section annually in Natural Practitioner’s sister publication, Nutrition Industry Executive magazine, since 2002, which was designed to help manufacturers gain a better understanding of the ingredients and services available that can make their products stand out.
Companies and associations have responded to this opportunity with background information about the health concerns their products are intended to address, histories of the nutrients behind their products and details of research carried out. In order to bridge the gap between interested practitioners and these companies, we’ve also provided company addresses, phone numbers and website addresses to make obtaining additional information easier.
Following is an index of companies participating in the 2016 Natural Practitioner CAM Innovations section: