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2017 Company Profiles: Protexin, Inc.

1833 N.W. 79th Ave.
Doral, FL 33126
Phone: (786) 310-7233
Email: contact@protexin.com
Website: www.bio-kult.com

U.K. to the USA

With an ongoing commitment to research, and its own cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) accredited manufacturing facility, Protexin is one of the U.K.’s supplement industry’s most established and trusted companies when it comes to probiotics and gut health.

The company is experiencing rapid demand across the globe and already exports to 40-plus countries.

Extensive growth is also being seen from the USA market, as more and more vitamin retailers are discovering their portfolio of products and are impressed by their extensive research.

This has lead to Protexin opening a subsidiary in Miami, FL to help cater for this accelerated USA growth.

“Word is spreading around vitamin retailers about the unique probiotic products in the Bio-Kult range,” said Lizzie Hardy, director of marketing and communications. “Having our own offices and warehouse facilities in Miami means we can support our partners in the USA more efficiently and above all maintain the exceptional level of customer service we are known for around the globe.”


As a company, Protexin’s belief is that nature is an ideal source of effective health care solutions, and that applied research and understanding can harness these solutions to the benefit of both humans and animals.

“We manufacture to pharmaceutical MHRA cGMP standards so all our customers around the world can be confident that our products are the highest quality,” explained Janine Barlow, head of new product development.

Research Investment

As a business, Protexin invests a large amount into research, working closely with leading universities, hospitals and research centers around the world on a range of ongoing research programs.

A newly published trial has revealed that the seven-strain probiotic and prebiotic mixture (symbiotic) found in Bio-Kult Infantis could significantly improve symptoms in infants suffering from colic, without any reported side effects.

The study involved infants aged 2 weeks to 4 months who had been diagnosed with colic. The infants were randomly assigned to receive a placebo or the probiotic mixture for 30 days. Parents were asked to keep symptom diaries to record the results.

Infants who took the probiotic saw a significant improvement in symptoms and in some cases symptoms had completely resolved. Average daily crying time was reduced by at least half for 82.6 percent of infants in the probiotic group after seven days. Furthermore, 39 percent experienced a resolution of symptoms.

Bio-Kult Infantis contains the seven-strain mixture used in the trial but also includes the added benefit of prebiotics, vitamin D3 to contribute to the normal function of the immune system and is high in omega-3. The formula does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and comes in an easy to use sachet.

Brand Portfolio

The Bio-Kult line-up of products has grown in recent years. The complete range of products includes the company’s original 14-probiotic-strain formula that is proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach acid. There is also Bio-Kult Candéa, a probiotic supplement with added grapefruit seed extract and garlic. When taken daily, it can help strengthen the body’s natural defenses against yeast overgrowth.* Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan contains cranberry extract, two specifically selected probiotic strains and vitamin A, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of mucous membranes which can be found lining the urinary tract.* The newest addition to the range is Bio-Kult Infantis, an advanced multi-strain probiotic formula for babies and young children.

Retailer Support

Protexin shows a strong commitment to supporting its retailer partners. Extensive marketing strategies and point of sale support is available, as well as a robust technical expertise to assist with training retail employees and their customers.

“Education is key to our business,” said Hardy. “We are committed to sharing the knowledge we have of the probiotic market. We are proud of our research programs and the uniqueness of our products and we want to share that with as many people as we can.”

Protexin has won the Queens Award for International Trade in 2011 and again in 2016 and has been awarded a 2* rating award from Best Companies which is considered “Outstanding.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.