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2017 Company Profiles: Women’s International Pharmacy

Women's International Pharmacy

2 Marsh Ct.
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: (800) 279-5708
Fax: (800) 279-8011
Website: www.womensinternational.com

12012 N. 111th Ave.
Youngtown, AZ 85363

Helping You Meet Your Patients’ Unique Needs

As an experienced health care practitioner, you understand patients do not present with a “one size fits all” list of symptoms. Women’s International Pharmacy is dedicated to helping you meet your patients’ unique needs.

For more than 30 years Women’s International Pharmacy has specialized in the art and science of custom compounded bioidentical hormone medications for men and women. As a compounding pharmacy, Women’s International Pharmacy formulates combinations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, as prescribed by a health care practitioner, into specific dosage forms such as capsules, creams, gels, lozenges, suppositories and other forms.


Women’s International Pharmacy’s consulting pharmacists, with 350 years and counting of combined pharmacist knowledge about bioidentical hormones, are there to answer questions from health care practitioners, clinic staff, and patients on specific formulations and/or dosages for hormone-related imbalances. Educational information is also available to you and your patients upon request.

Benefits of working with a compounding pharmacy include:

• Health care practitioners can prescribe medication specific to their patient’s individual needs instead of only having access to standardized, commercially available dosages, strengths and forms.

• Health care practitioners can more easily fine-tune or modify the dose or prescription, as an individual’s needs change, or match an individual’s preferences and absorption needs.

• Compounded prescriptions can be customized to different formulations that may be easier to administer. For example, if a patient has difficulty swallowing pills, the compounding pharmacist may be able to formulate the medication as a cream or gel.

• Multiple prescriptions can be combined into a single dosage form for convenience and to ensure better patient adherence.

• Preservative-free or allergen-free prescriptions can be compounded for sensitive patients.

• Flavoring can be added to make drops and lozenges more palatable, if desired.

Quality Assurance

Compounding pharmacies (and pharmacists) adhere to standards and regulations set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia and State Boards of Pharmacy for quality assurance and accuracy. Women’s International Pharmacy is meticulous in meeting the industry’s highest quality standards of compounded medications.

Women’s International Pharmacy

maintains stringent compounding proficiency and quality assurance standards. Compounding is completed by skilled, licensed pharmacists and nationally certified technicians working under direct pharmacist supervision. All staff mem-bers complete regular training programs and competency assessments as required by state regulations and federal guide-lines.

Women’s International Pharmacy has specially designed facilities to ensure the quality of our compounded medications. It follows all established guidelines for testing ingredients and compounds. The lab staff uses personal protective equipment and its compounding area is segregated and operates on a self-contained ventilation system. Every piece of equipment is expertly maintained. Cleaning and maintenance are well-documented.

To ensure accuracy and uniformity of compounded medications, Women’s International Pharmacy utilizes equipment that meets established quality standards, including electronic balances, encapsulation equipment, and electronic mortars and pestles. Equipment is evaluated for accuracy on a daily basis. An independent ISO 9002 and Guide 25 Registered Scale Company certifies its balances on a scheduled basis.

Women’s International Pharmacy uses only high-grade materials supplied from reputable sources. These materials also meet official established requirements. Each active ingredient is delivered with a certificate of analysis verifying the identity and quality of the pure drug powders. Independent testing of ingredients by an analytical laboratory also may be done. All waste is disposed of at Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved facilities.

At Women’s International Pharmacy, maintaining the quality of our preparations is of paramount importance. Therefore, a continuous quality improvement process is employed. The entire staff takes an active role in our quality review and improvement process.

Women’s International Pharmacy is proud to have earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s (PCAB) Seal of Accreditation for meeting and/or exceeding national quality standards. PCAB Accreditation is an additional, voluntary step to ensure the compounding pharmacy profession’s most rigorous review and inspection measures are met.

Women’s International Pharmacy Cares

As a health care practitioner who has the optimal health and wellness of your patients as your top priority, Women’s International Pharmacy is here for you. Women’s International Pharmacy is committed to helping you tailor medication to meet the individual needs of your patients. It would be an honor to become your compounding pharmacy of choice!