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2013 Company Profiles

Would you like insight on the companies offering dietary supplements and natural products for you to provide your patients? Interested in knowing about the extensive quality assurance measures they put in place and precise formulation techniques? Looking for insight on the testing services available to you or the origins of proven branded ingredients? Then look no further than Natural Practitioner’s 2013 Company Profiles.

Each company in this special section has provided insight to their beginnings, their products, special services and quality control methods, as well as contact information and key executives in an effort to more quickly connect with our readers. Natural Practitioner’s Company Profiles section serves as a vital reference tool, representing a strong cross-section of the companies servicing the practitioner market.

Advanced Naturals

198 Alt 19 S.
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Phone: (800) 690-9988 x265
Fax: (866) 594-5468
E-mail: support@advancednaturals.com • Website: www.advancednaturals.com

Limitless Benefits of Whole-System Health & Longevity Attention

Advanced Naturals™ was founded in 1998 by Brenda Watson, CNC and nationally recognized digestive health educator. Its mission is to advance the relationships between health care practitioners and their patients by promoting quality digestive care to improve the health of every individual. The company’s focus is specialized, yet the whole-system health and longevity benefits of its attention to digestive care are limitless.

Advanced Naturals understands that optimum health begins with a properly functioning digestive system. That’s why every Advanced Naturals product is specifically formulated to provide the highest level of digestive support. Because digestive care is its sole focus, the company is able to concentrate entirely on providing the finest digestive care products available. This exclusive focus sets Advanced Naturals apart from other companies.

Advanced Naturals’ promise is to provide digestive care products with clinically backed ingredient substantiation, increasingly innovative nutrient combinations and delivery systems, and the educational support that practitioners and their patients require.

The Advanced Naturals product line was developed for protocols that address common and often chronic gastrointestinal (GI) health concerns, such as gut dysbiosis, candidiasis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, leaky gut syndrome, inadequate nutrient breakdown, heartburn and the gastro-immune balance by targeting the GI tract. The ripple effects of nourishing this center of whole-system health, digestion, and elimination include blood sugar support, immune support, blood lipid and cardiovascular support, and adrenal-energy rebalancing, as well as the central benefit of digestive maintenance.

Advanced Naturals’ innovative product line includes high-potency probiotics; superior enzyme formulas; essential fatty acids and purified fish oils; fiber supplements; and a broad spectrum of internal cleansing formulas, including parasite, yeast and organspecific detox formulas. Each formula contains naturally active ingredients, and only active ingredients. Advanced Naturals’ supplements are manufactured under strict GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards and contain no added binders, fillers, excipients or disintegrates.

The company is especially well known for its Ultimate FloraMax line of high-potency, multiple-strain, delayed-release, guaranteedpotency probiotics. All of its probiotics include at least eight probiotic strains that have been carefully selected using a sevenpoint process based upon:

1. Safety

2. Resistance to acid/bile

3. Adhesion to intestinal lining

4. Helping inhibit pathogens

5. Survival in intestinal passage

6. Improved bacterial composition

7. Supporting healthy function 

The two most prevalent probiotics are Bifidobacteria, the most prevalent beneficial probiotic living in the colon, and Lactobacilli, which make up the majority of the probiotics living in the small intestine and urogenital system. Advanced Naturals’ high-potency probiotic supplements are carefully formulated and targeted to achieve results. Most formulas provide a higher ratio of Bifidobacteria to Lactobacilli. However, the Vaginal Balance and Total Woman Care formulas feature higher levels of selected Lactobacilli.

Advanced Naturals Ultimate FloraMax probiotics are available in several formulations, including:

• Ultimate FloraMax Advanced Care 100 Billion

• Ultimate FloraMax 50 Billion

• Ultimate FloraMax Vaginal Balance 50 Billion

• Ultimate FloraMax Total Woman Care 90 Billion

• Ultimate FloraMax Critical Colon 80 Billion

A significant part of what the company does is to focus on practitioner-to-patient education. Advanced Naturals believes in empowering natural health care practitioners with the current and relevant information they need to communicate effectively with their patients. The company’s Practitioner Education Program (PEP) is designed to allow practitioners the flexibility and choice to further their knowledge online or through DVD training and select the specific areas of clinical training they seek for their practice. Advanced Naturals’ patient handouts and literature are unparalleled for their in-depth and concise treatment of today’s health challenges and their natural solutions.

In addition to educational literature, Brenda Watson’s best-selling health books are also available for sale or for general reading in practitioners’ clinics. Suzanne Somers calls Brenda’s comprehensive health guide The Road to Perfect Health: Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body, “A must for every household and doctor’s office.” The purpose of the company’s extensive educational support program for practitioners and their patients is twofold: to disseminate essential health information and to provide practitioners with the supplement sales support materials they need.

Key Executives

• Brenda Watson, CNC, President

• Leonard Smith, MD, Medical Director

• Roy Bingham, MBA, General Manager 


Human Nutrition Division
101 No. Main St.
Clearfield, UT 84015
Phone: (800) 222-0733; (801) 773-4631 • Fax: (801) 773-4633
E-mail: mmotyka@albionminerals.com • Website: www.albionminerals.com

Investing in Science to Help the Industry Stay Strong

Albion is the premier manufacturer of “Six Stage Chelates,” patented organic mineral amino acid chelates used in human nutrition products worldwide. Building a better mineral since 1956, Albion has applied its extensive library of research to offer a more effective, bioavailable and easily tolerated mineral. Placing a great emphasis on proven science, the company’s research has resulted in an extensive library of peer-reviewed, published studies and more than 150 U.S. and international patents from manufacturing processes to food applications. Albion’s prominence with research institutions has generated more than 50 years of clinical data that the company has used to systematically improve mineral product manufacturing.

Company History 

A degreed pharmacist and biochemist, Harvey H. Ashmead, PhD, started Albion. Dr. Ashmead began to research how minerals were absorbed and used in the body in order to make mineral-based products more palatable. His interest in mineral research led him to Mead Johnson, then to Pfizer, and finally to his decision to open a company dedicated to safe, effective, easily tolerated mineral products—Albion.

Under Dr. Ashmead’s leadership, the newly formed company’s involvement in mineral research grew. In the 70s and 80s, Albion opened an in-house laboratory and developed an extensive network of relationships with researchers from universities around the globe. As researchers came to know the Albion name, they associated it with minerals whose quality and performance was consistent, and they sought it out almost exclusively.

Core Products 

Ferrochel® (Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate), TRAACS® (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System), Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Vanadium, Chromium, DimaCal® (DiCalcium Malate), DiMagnesium Malate, CCM (Calcium Citrate Malate), Calci-K® Complex (Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate), Creatine MagnaPower® (Magnesium Creatine Chelate) 


• Customized mineral blends

• Contract mineral chelate manufacturing

• Contract spray drying 

Quality Assurance

Albion pioneered the use of Fast- Fourier Transforming Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) as a validation technique of mineral chelates. This technology measures the bond energy between the ligand and mineral to ensure full and proper chelation. Albion remains the only mineral company that can guarantee each batch of mineral bisglycinate chelates have the molecular signature indicating that chelation has actually occurred 

R&D Efforts/Clinical Substantiation 

The results of past and on going studies conducted by Albion scientists, and studies conducted by renowned third-party institutions using Albion minerals, have resulted in data from approximately 200 scientific studies (in animals and humans), 85 human clinical trials and 125 peer-reviewed, published studies. Albion research findings have guided the use of mineral supplements for human health by governmental, educational and business interests.

Future Goals

Albion will continue to increase its leadership in the future of mineral forms and delivery systems, as evidenced by the expansion of the company’s staff of R&D scientists, investment in research and the addition of a new in-house cell biology lab. Albion sets itself apart by investing in science to help the industry stay strong.

Key Executives

• Max R. Motyka, Director of Human Nutrition

• Rick Harnish, Sales Manager, East Coast

• Theresa Seaquist, Sales Manager, West Coast 

America’s Finest, Inc.

20 Lake Dr.
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Phone: (732) 985-9899; (800) 350-3305
Fax: (732) 985-9851
E-mail: info@afisupplements.com • Website: www.afisupplements.com

Combining Modern Health Care & Ayurveda

America ‘s Finest, Inc. (AFI) was formed in 1992 to provide herbal and nutritional formulas that blend the rich herbal traditions of ancient cultures with the latest in current scientific research and manufacturing methods. This allows AFI to provide the finest natural health care supplements to complement a total wellness lifestyle.

Where on the one hand, modern health care has shown dramatic results through its emphasis on science and research, ayurveda (which means “The Science of Life”) on the other hand has shown for several thousand years that, through herbal and nutritional supplements, human beings can maintain or restore the body’s balance for optimum wellness. AFI combines the knowledge from modern health care and ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India, and the oldest formal health care system in the world. Ayurveda has influenced ancient medical practices in Tibet, China and even those found in Europe. Sidha, yet another medical modality, has also been influenced by ayurveda. This system is based on the use of practical knowledge to manage health in such a way that it prevents disease, and prolongs and improves the quality of life.

Science and tradition should not be adversarial, but mutually supportive, assuring the consistency and efficacy of time-tested solutions to optimum health. At AFI, the company provides the best of both worlds with safe, innovative and beneficial approaches to personal health care. AFI products are a new class of dietary supplements designed for a modern approach to the traditional quest for optimum health.

A team of researchers, pharmacists and medical practitioners are involved in the formulation of this new family of products, which combines science and tradition—science for proven results and tradition for optimizing health and quality of life.

AFI also provides training manuals, which give product information, formulation and ingredients.

Key Market Areas

• Adaptogen

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antioxidant

• Bioavailability enhancer

• Blood sugar support

• Body weight & composition

• Brain & memory health

• Digestive health

• Healthy aging

• Healthy heart support

• Immune support

• Joint support

• Probiotics

• Sports nutrition

• Women’s health

Major Products/Service Offerings 

Curcuminoids C3 capsules and tablets; HGH Dopa 400; Forslean®; NiLitis® SR; Boswellin® and Curcuminoids, and Lactospore® Flora are among the top products AFI has to offer.

The company’s Coleus forskholi product for building lean body mass, Forslean, is a branded ingredient from Sabinsa Corporation, patented for increasing lean body mass while decreasing body fat.

If customers are looking for the finest turmeric product on the market, they can turn to AFI’s Super Curcumin product. It has 1,000 mg of patented curcumin extract, called Curcumin C3 Complex®, combined with 5 mg of BioPerine, the only patented black pepper extract on the market for gut absorption. This product exemplifies how consumers should be taking curcumin extracts, as it is natural and clinically validated.

AFI services include: online ordering, customer service and next-day shipping. The company caters to health food stores and doctors’ offices, and it uses certified products and proprietary quality ingredients from Sabinsa.

What’s New?

For joint health, a unique bi-layer tablet concept approach has been adapted at AFI, to bring ingredients with different synergies together. NiLitis SR represents this approach, by uniquely combining Curcumin C3 Complex® (Curcuma longa), boswellin (Boswellia serrata) and ginger to together. This patented combination has a clinical study showing increased walking distance for patients.

For the latest in antioxidant care, look for the upcoming release of AFI’s Lycopene Beta®, a combination of lycopene from a source 70 times higher than tomatoes and beta carotene, added with a touch of black pepper to improve gut absorption of the actives, all in a vegetarian soft gel.

AFI has taken the next big step in curcumin supplements, by offering the most absorbed metabolite, tetrahydrocurcumin, in the form of C3 Reduct® tablets. Gone are the days of orange powder/dust, these white C3 Reduct tablets offer the benefits of curcumin and retain all the principle activities of curcumin, in a white, easy-to-swallow tablet.

Key Executive

• Kimberly Priece, Manager

Bergstrom Nutrition

1000 W. 8th St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: (888) 733-5676 (888-SEEK-MSM); (360) 693-1883
E-mails: info@bergstromnutrition.com (general); cs@bergstromnutrition.com (customer service)
Website: www.bergstromnutrition.com

MSM Exceeding Industry Standards

Bergstrom Nutrition® is a familyowned nutrition ingredient company built on the vision and values of its founder, George Bergstrom III. Bergstrom pioneered the use of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for human consumption and joint health in 1989. Today, it operates the world’s only facility solely dedicated to the production of a proprietary form of MSM.

OptiMSM® exceeds industry standards for optimal purity and consistency, and is the only MSM backed by published U.S. clinical research. Today, consumers in 21 countries purchase hundreds of different retail products containing Bergstrom Nutrition’s proprietary ingredients.

A customer-focused organization dedicated to continuous improvement and uncompromising quality and service, Bergstrom Nutrition is committed to supporting ongoing efforts to create health and wellness.

Innovation at its Core 

Bergstrom’s exclusive products and processes are a result of years of research and development performed by its founding engineers and scientists.

Over the years, the company’s employees have introduced a number of innovations to improve customer satisfaction, including increased lot sizes, advanced product formulations for better flow characteristics, packaging and shipping efficiencies, and more critical and structured analytical methods.

From the beginning, the company has invested in manufacturing infrastructure and capabilities in advance of market needs. Increased factory capacity, technical support, brand marketing, lean manufacturing and cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliance were standard at Bergstrom Nutrition long before they were common in the marketplace.

Its commitment to innovation also shows in its manufacturing plant’s FSSC22000:2010 certification. Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, FSSC22000:2010 combines ISO 22000:2005 with additional requirements for prerequisite programs for the safety of food in food manufacturing.

Bergstrom Nutrition is proud to note that its flagship product, OptiMSM, is the only GRAS-designated MSM in the industry. GRAS (generally recognized as safe) is the designation given by the FDA to substances considered safe for direct or indirect additives to foods. The procedure for receiving GRAS designation is lengthy, and uncommon in the supplement and functional ingredient market.

As a world leader in MSM, Bergstrom Nutrition continues to set the standard for the industry.

Core Products 

The World’s Purest MSM—Available Wholesale 

OptiMSM, Bergstrom Nutrition’s premium trademarked form of MSM, is made in the USA and certified for quality and consistency. Its OptiMSM is the preferred choice among the largest and fastest-growing joint health brands, and a leading ingredient for quality dietary supplement manufacturers.

What makes OptiMSM purely superior?

• Four-stage distillation process for optimal purity

• Every batch is third-party tested for quality and consistency

• GRAS-designated

• Manufactured in a cGMP-compliant, ISO9001:2008 registered, FSSC22000:2010 certified facility

• Clinically backed by published U.S. research

• Manufactured exclusively in the U.S. for more than 25 years

• Full customer support, including procurement, operations, training and co-op marketing 

What’s Good for You is Good for Your Pets 

The same MSM that provides fluid, functional joint support to humans is also shown to promote respiratory health, along with healthier cartilage, nails, and coats in animals.

PurforMSM (“pure form MSM”) is Bergstrom Nutrition’s feed-grade MSM, a well-known staple of the companion animal and equine care and performance industry.

Now more than ever, consumers are questioning the safety of the products they give their animals. PurforMSM is manufactured exclusively in the United States, where the purity is carefully monitored and controlled to the highest standards. By choosing PurforMSM, pet owners can be assured they are using the highest quality MSM available. 

Carlson Laboratories

600 W. University Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: (847) 255-1600
Fax: (847) 255-1605
E-mail: carlson@carlsonlabs.com • Website: www.carlonslabs.com

A Family Tradition of the Finest Natural Supplements

In 1965, John and Susan Carlson opened the doors of Carlson Laboratories offering only a single vitamin E formula. The Carlson family knew firsthand about this powerful antioxidant, especially in the alphatocopheryl sucinate form. They started Carlson Laboratories after seeing the health benefits Susan Carlson’s father experienced from taking this form of vitamin E. The Carlsons wanted to share with everyone the health benefits their family found using naturally sourced vitamin E. Over the years, John and Susan continued to develop their product line to meet the nutritional needs of their customers.

Their daughters, Carilyn and Kirsten Carlson, grew up living and learning the family business of educating retailers, consumers and physicians on the science of nutrition and supplements. When John and Susan made the decision to retire in 2010, it made perfect sense for the sisters to step up as the new management team of Carlson Laboratories.

Making several positive changes since taking over (including expanding their sales force and moving to a new facility in 2013, which doubled their capacity), Carilyn and Kirsten have maintained their focus on continuing the journey their parents started on almost 50 years ago. Offering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service has always been top priority for the Carlson family. As John Carlson always said, “No one cares more about the quality that goes into a product than the people who put their names on it.” Carlson Laboratories is dedicated to providing only the finest natural supplements.

Major Products 

Since the early days of Carlson and their single vitamin E formula, the family has developed the product line to become the most complete line of natural-source vitamin E products in the world. Realizing the importance of omega-3s early on, Carlson Laboratories began educating retailers and consumers about the health benefits of fish oil in 1982. Acting on a wealth of knowledge, Carlson was one of the first companies to bring liquid Norwegian cod liver oil and other Norwegian fish oils to the North American market. Over the years, the Carlson fish oil line has grown to include liquids, soft gels and fish oil multiple formulations, all of which contain the important omega-3s EPA and DHA. The rest of the product line includes more than 250 highly developed formulas designed to meet a wide variety of nutritional needs.

Over the past year, Carlson has developed and introduced more than 10 new and innovative products, including Norwegian cod liver oil with bubble gum taste (derived from natural fruit flavors) for children as well as adults. Carlson also introduced a new, ecofriendly line of fish oils known as EcoSmart Omega-3 and EcoSmart DHA. These products are derived from calamari, which is a highly sustainable source of omega-3s. One of 2013’s most popular product introductions was Carlson Super Daily D3. This new product is in liquid drop form, is odor-and taste-free, and provides a high concentration of vitamin D3 in just one drop.

The Carlson Advantage 

The first and foremost consideration at Carlson Laboratories is quality; the company’s high standards will not be sacrificed for any reason. Carlson is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing customers with superior products based on accepted scientific research. All Carlson products go through rigorous third-party testing prior to being released to their valued customers.

Carlson Laboratories high-quality nutritional products are key components to achieving optimal health.

Key Executives

• Carilyn Anderson, President

• Kirsten Carlson, Vice President of Marketing

• Antoinette Edwards, Vice President of Administration

• Robert Meyer, Vice President of Operations

• Patrick Bucaro, National Sales Director

Integrative Therapeutics

825 Challenger Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: (800) 931-1709
Website: www.integrativeinc.com

An Integrative Story

Integrative Therapeutics is a leading manufacturer and distributor of science- based nutritional supplements committed exclusively to health care professionals. Integrative develops unique formulations that can be safely and effectively integrated with diet and lifestyle recommendations for improved patient health.

For more than 35 years, the company’s dedication to social responsibility and charitable giving has been evidenced by its commitment to supporting medical schools, community clinics and professional associations. In partnership with its Medical Advisory Board, Integrative has developed professional resources, education programs and patient-centered therapeutic guides to help cultivate healthy practices and advance the field of integrative medicine.

Integrative is rooted in a rich history of supplement brands exclusive to health care professionals. In 2000, Vitaline® Formulas, Phytopharmica®, NF Formulas™ and Tyler™ Encapsulations came together to form Integrative Therapeutics.

Science-Based Nutritional Supplements

Integrative’s mission is to deliver the highestquality nutritional supplements that science and nature have to offer. With a comprehensive offering of almost 400 products, the company is an industry leader in the categories of gastrointestinal, neuroendocrine and targeted metabolic support. Some of its top products include:

• Cortisol Manager™: A stress hormone stabilizer shown to reduce cortisol levels for allday stress reduction and restful sleep*

• Lavela WS 1265™: Clinically studied lavender oil soft gels for the relief of occasional anxiety*

• Similase®: Comprehensive, high-potency digestive enzymes to support the digestion of all food types

• Theracurmin™: Bioavailable, water-dispersible curcumin for support of the body’s natural detoxification and immune pathways*

• Glutamine Forté: Therapeutic levels of Lglutamine, in combination with Theracurmin, in a great-tasting citrus flavored drink mix 

Integrative Therapeutics products are available to health care professionals and students on www.integrativeinc.com or by calling (800) 931-1709. The company’s complete product offering is also available through its distributor partners: Emerson Ecologics, Natural Partners, Natural Dispensary and Crane Herb Company.

A Legacy of Quality 

Integrative is one of only a few companies that manufacture dietary supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, dictating their status as a drug GMP (good manufacturing practices) audited facility. As such, Integrative has meticulous quality standards, rigorous testing requirements, and vigilant audits and inspections. Every product is made with the highest-quality ingredients backed by scientific validation and extensive safety and efficacy testing.

Starter Medicinary Program 

Integrative is committed to supporting new graduates in the pursuit of cultivating healthy practices. The Starter Medicinary Program enables new health care professionals to serve patients immediately by supplying a robust nutritional supplement dispensary. Because this program requires no upfront purchase, it’s an affordable way to establish a comprehensive and sustainable practice.

How it works:

• Select up to $500 worth of products

• Receive a 15 percent first order discount and free shipping

• Pay nothing down and no interest for six months 

Visit www.integrativeinc.com to view all of the opportunities available to students and new graduates.

STAIR Integrative Residency Program 

Through the STAIRSM Integrative Residency Program, Integrative Therapeutics and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) are helping to define the future of integrative medicine by bridging the divide between naturopathic and conventional care. The program is a CNME-approved, postdoctoral, naturopathic residency program under the administration of Bastyr University. Since 2007, Integrative has funded two fully paid residencies each year in successful naturopathic and integrative medical practices throughout the United States. Through these residencies, new graduates have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by participating in the full-spectrum of clinic life. To apply to be one of the next STAIR residents or clinic sites, visit www.integrativeinc.com. 

Community Involvement 

Integrative believes strongly in social responsibility and charitable giving as evidenced by its commitment to medical schools, community clinics and professional associations. The company donates product to a multitude of organizations across the country, including Naturopaths Without Borders, Feed the Children and Natural Doctors International. In 2012, Integrative received the NCNM Community Clinic Award for its donations to the clinics served by the National College for Natural Medicine (NCNM).

Medical Advisory Board

The Integrative Therapeutics Medical Advisory Board consists of health care professionals whose expertise guides the company’s product development and education programs. By partnering with active members of the integrative medicine community, the company stays on the leading edge of the issues affecting both patients and integrative practices.

• Corey Resnick, ND

• Lise Alschuler, ND

• Alan Gaby, MD

• Tori Hudson, ND

• Jeremy Appleton, ND

• Sara Gottfried, MD

• Holly Lucille, ND 

For more information on the products and programs offered through Integrative Therapeutics, visit www.integrativeinc.com or call (800) 931-1709.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Kyowa Hakko USA

New York Office
600 Third Ave., 19th Fl., New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 319-5353
Fax: (212) 421-1283
Email: info@kyowa-usa.com • Website: www.kyowa-usa.com

Commitment to Ingredient Research, Innovation & Quality

Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc. is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD, a world leader in the research and manufacturing of high-quality branded ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. For more than 60 years, Kyowa has maintained a constant commitment to research, innovation and quality.

Kyowa’s clinically researched ingredients can be found in the formulations of many high-quality dietary supplement brands and include: Cognizin® Citicoline, Setria® Glutathione, Pantesin® Pantethine and Sustamine™ L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine.

Main Products

• Setria Glutathione 

A small peptide comprised of three common amino acids, glutathione is one of the most important molecules in the body for it’s role in protecting cells from the damaging effects of toxins and oxidative stress. When provided proper nutrition, the body creates it’s own glutathione. However, many individuals are low in glutathione due to poor lifestyle choices including an excessive intake of processed foods, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. The use of prescription drugs, stress and even advancing age can also work to reduce glutathione levels in the body.

As a dietary supplement, glutathione has been the subject of debate for years as to whether it is effective at raising glutathione levels when taken orally. Setria Glutathione has been clinically studied to be an absorbable form.

An ultra pure, stable form of reduced glutathione, Setria is a vegetarian and allergen- free ingredient manufactured through a patented fermentation process.

To learn more, visit www.setriaglutathione.com.

• Cognizin 

Citicoline Cognizin Citicoline is an ingredient backed by numerous scientific studies to support claims of improved attention, recall and focus.* Often called a “brain nutrient,” citicoline increases levels of several important neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine, dopamine and noradrenalin, that help maintain the integrity of neuronal cell membranes, and increases energy production in the frontal cortex.* Because cell membranes have a very high turnover rate, these phospholipids must be continuously synthesized to ensure the adequate function of cells. Cognizin is a pure, vegetarian, allergen-free form of citicoline that provides nutritional support to help combat the normal effects of aging on cognition.* 

To learn more, visit www.cognizin.com.

• Pantesin Pantethine 

A pure and absorbable form of pantethine (an active form of vitamin B5), Pantesin has been safely and successfully used for more than 35 years to help consumers maintain healthy blood lipid levels.* With years of research supporting Pantesin’s effectiveness in high-risk individuals, a recently completed study validates the ingredient’s effectiveness for improving blood lipid profiles even in low to moderate risk individuals for cardiovascular disease (CVD) . This new research performed on North American subjects also showed that Pantesin was effective over and above the effects of a TLC (therapeutic lifestyle changes) Diet. An ingredient that works at the cellular level, enhancing enzyme and metabolic activity, Pantesin is pure, vegetarian and allergen-free.*

To learn more, visit www.pantesin.com.

• Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine

An excellent choice for use in clinical nutrition, Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine does not have the problems of poor stability and low solubility that are associated with freeglutamine. Glutamine begins to degrade when mixed with liquids, but Sustamine is a unique dipeptide form of glutamine that’s been designed for maximum stability. This means that patients will get the amount listed on the label when they add it to water or their favorite beverage. Sustamine is also tasteless, colorless, odorless and dissolves completely in hot or cold liquids—so there is no gritty texture. Sustamine is also pure, vegetarian and allergen-free.

To learn more, visit www.sustamine.com. 

Key Executive

• Leo Cullen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Kyowa’s clinically researched ingredients can be found in the formulations of many high-quality dietary supplement brands.

Life Extension

3600 W. Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (866) 585-1435
E-mail: epartner@lifeextension.com
Website: www.lifeextension.com

Discovering Scientific Breakthroughs, Developing Novel Treatment Protocols

For 33 years, the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) of Fort Lauderdale, FL, has been a leader in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies. LEF has donated more than $100 million to anti-aging and disease prevention studies. A trailblazer in the $28 billion U.S. dietary supplement industry, the LEF Buyers Club, a separate corporation, offers consumers a full range of premium-quality vitamins, minerals and hormones as well as unique, specially made formulas.

Company History 

Since its inception in 1980, LEF has been at the forefront of discovering new scientific breakthroughs for use in developing novel disease prevention and treatment protocols to improve the quality of life and human life span. Funded through private contributions, membership dues and royalties from product sales by the LEF Buyers Club, LEF has become the largest organization of its kind in the world.

Future Goals 

LEF will continue to fund scientific and medical research, report new discoveries, as well as disseminate innovative findings concerning the diseases that threaten many of us, such as atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Main Products

• CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract—400 mg

• Optimized Saffron with Satiereal®

• Two-Per-Day multivitamins

• Vitamin D3

• Neuro-Mag™ Magnesium L-Threonate

• Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with Enhanced Mitochondrial Support™

• Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract

• Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ™

• Super Bio-Curcumin®—400 mg

• Optimized Resveratrol with Synergistic Grape-Berry Actives—250 mg

• Cognitex® with NeuroProtection Complex

• Life Extension Mix™ Multi-Nutrient Formula

• Super Zeaxanthin with Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin and C3G

• Ultra Natural Prostate with AprèsFlex™ and Standardized Lignans


• Phone access to an integrative team of Health Advisors (naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, personal trainers) every day of the year—to address health concerns, answer product questions and help customize a personal regimen of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.

• Monthly issue of Life Extension Magazine® filled with global medical research results, scientific reports, and cutting- edge health information.

• Life Extension Annual Product Directory, a comprehensive guide detailing the full range of Life Extension supplements—including the “Top Ten Steps to Achieving Ultimate Health,” research initiatives to conquer aging and other essential health information. (Available to members monthly on request.)

• Discounts on prescription drugs through the independent full-service Life Extension Pharmacy®, which also offers low prices on compounded medications, including hormone replacement therapy.

• Huge savings on individual blood tests and comprehensive blood panels through a unique mail-order blood test service.

• Disease Prevention and Treatment book (accompanies an annual membership), a 1,666-page reference guide that presents cutting- edge prevention and treatment protocols for 133 different diseases of aging.

• The opportunity to participate in groundbreaking clinical research and receive free blood tests and supplements.

Quality Assurance

• No. 1 ratings in three categories in the 2013 ConsumerLab.com Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users. The results from three consumer satisfaction categories include No. 1 rankings for top catalog/internet merchant, CoQ10 products and multivitamins.

• Life Extension’s Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA fish oil is scientifically analyzed and rated by the international program IFOS™ (International Fish Oil Standards), and since 2005 it has annually been awarded the IFOS 5-Star rating for purity, quality and concentration— the highest possible rating for omega-3 fish oil.

R&D Efforts/Clinical Substantiation

• Study to assess the effectiveness of the dietary supplement, Cognitex with NeuroProtection Complex, in improving cognitive performance in middle-aged to elderly subjects with subjective memory complaints. Data demonstrated that the combination dietary supplement product, Cognitex with NeuroProtection Complex, may provide a positive impact on cognitive performance including improvements in working memory-n-back, which is a key cognitive function used daily, as well as in inspection time and executive function.

• Sponsorship of a study in conjunction with the research division at the University of Miami titled “A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of an IV infusion of magnesium sulfate vs. 5 percent dextrose in a crossover design in male and female volunteers with treatment-resistant depression.” This study will assess the magnesium level and the effectiveness of the magnesium sulfate infusion on the results from questionnaires related to depression. This study is currently recruiting individuals at least 21 years of age who have mild to moderate treatment-resistant depression.

• Sponsorship of a study to measure the effects of weekly injections of a study medication plus nutritional supplements that may help suppress the inflammatory factor that is implicated in the neuronal degeneration of Alzheimer’s disease. This study will assess the effectiveness of the study product injection in combination with nutritional supplements versus nutritional supplements alone based on the results from questionnaires related to Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment. The study is currently recruiting individuals between the ages of 60-85 who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.


• Direct Marketing Association

• Natural Products Association


25 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Phone: (800) 692-9400
Email: cs@metagenics.com
Website: www.metagenics.com

The Metagenics Difference

Metagenics, Inc. is a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company focused on reversing chronic illness and improving health. Founded in 1983, the company currently serves more than 75,000 health care providers worldwide to help their patients achieve a lifetime of good health through premium-quality, science- based medical foods and nutritional formulas, as well as clinically demonstrated lifestyle therapy programs.

Metagenics continues to shape the future of the nutraceutical industry and patientcentered care with innovations that have raised the bar for quality and effectiveness.

Breakthrough Science 

Metagenics has established a higher caliber of science for better quality research and formulation with one of the largest scientific staffs and technologically advanced facilities in the industry. Expert phytochemists, biochemists, Mds and other scientists at MetaProteomics® utilize advanced genomic and proteomic research technologies to identify plant-based nutrients that positively influence health in uniquely effective ways, such as the discovery of plant derivatives that act as selective kinase response modulators (SKRMs). To confirm efficacy, these proprietary ingredients and formulations are carefully examined at the Functional Medicine Research Center®, an onsite clinical research facility that evaluates hundreds of patients each year in clinical trials and case management studies. The company’s substantial scientific investment has produced more than 80 articles in peerreviewed journals and more than 230 patents awarded or pending.

Innovative Products & Programs 

Metagenics turns nutrigenomic discoveries into readily available clinical approaches that offer a higher degree of safety, effectiveness and reliability to help patients achieve their best health possible. A wide product array includes clinically tested medical foods and nutraceuticals that feature proprietary plant derivatives and patented nutrient combinations, as well as time-honored botanicals and other novel ingredient discoveries from research scientists around the globe. The groundbreaking FirstLine Therapy® system facilitates clinical implementation of therapeutic lifestyle changes—including diet, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction—to help patients at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Unsurpassed Quality 

Each formula is designed with sound research then monitored at every production stage to deliver products that live up to their scientific promise. Metagenics exceeds recognized quality standards of the industry—and the competition— with resources devoted to verify ingredient safety, ensure proper ingredient form/identity, and test for purity and quality at multiple steps. In fact, Metagenics is one of the first companies in its industry niche to achieve three certifications for good manufacturing practices (GMP) for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Cutting corners on quality can have long-reaching health effects, especially if a product contains the wrong ingredient form or potentially harmful contaminants— or if the ingredients aren’t absorbed properly. That’s why Metagenics remains one of the most trusted names in professional nutritional formulas.

Professional Education 

Metagenics University, the company’s educational arm, collaborates with renowned health and medical experts to deliver more than 200 events each year to keep practitioners on the leading edge of clinical applications of nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine. The industry’s largest offering of seminars and workshops, held throughout North America and abroad, is complemented by webinar events for live or on-demand viewing to help health care professionals stay informed no matter where they practice. And only Metagenics offers certification in administering clinically effective lifestyle medicine protocols with the FirstLine Therapy system.

Metagenics maintains its corporate headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA; with R&D headquarters in Gig Harbor, WA. Metagenics Canada is based in Mississauga, ON. Operating subsidiaries are located in Brussels, Belgium and Brisbane, Australia.

Natural Dispensary

3160 Erie Blvd. E.
DeWitt, NY 13214
Phone: (877) 628-3477
Email: info@naturaldispensary.com
Website: www.naturaldispensary.com

Natural Dispensary: Simplifying Practices

Most practitioners want to focus their energy on providing the best possible care for their patients. They may find that selling supplements out of their office consumes too much time and attention, but they want their patients to have access to the most efficacious products that are typically available only through physicians. Enter Natural Dispensary—the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Natural Dispensary began several years ago because its founders saw a demand for a customized, personalized dispensary service. Practitioners liked the fact that it is a small, family-owned company, providing an alternative to the mega-dispensary options that are available.

Natural Dispensary was created exclusively as a patient-direct fulfillment program designed to simplify the opportunity for practitioners to provide vitamins and supplements to their patients. It offers the convenience of a full-service dispensary without the hassles of managing inventory, exhausting valuable staff time or tying-up needed capital and cash flow, which can be better utilized in other facets of a practice.

Natural Dispensary offers a wide range of the top practitioner-brand vitamins and supplements available in the industry from innovative manufacturers such as Integrative Therapeutics, Enzyme Science and Innate Response Formulas, among many other quality companies. There are more than 30 brands (and growing) to select from to create a customized online product catalog, which a practitioner can then recommend to his or her patients. Natural Dispensary provides a turnkey approach and handles all phases of product ordering, inventory management, payment and shipping to patients.

Practitioners may also choose to generate income from their patients’ purchases, and/or offer discounts to patients. Remuneration checks are sent every month along with a detailed report of each patient’s specific supplement purchases for their office medical file. Whether via the phone (staffed six days a week with a highly experienced customer service team) or using Natural Dispensary’s 24/7 secure passwordprotected website, patients can continue to order recommended products from a practice even if their office visits are infrequent.

With Natural Dispensary, there are no membership fees to practitioners or their patients, no minimums required to participate and there is the opportunity for financial rewards for a practice. The service can also be used as a complement to an in-house dispensary, to serve patients who are not local or want the convenience of ordering online. Natural Dispensary’s mission is to offer a customized, convenient and easy-to-use service, with satisfaction guaranteed.

When a practitioner signs up, he or she will be assigned a PIN code that they will distribute to their patients, and those patients’ purchases will all be linked to the practitioner’s account. It’s that simple!

To set up an account or learn more about Natural Dispensary’s services, please visit www.naturaldispensary.com. Email the company at info@naturaldispensary.com or call (877) 628-3477.

Key Executives

• Andrew Fox, President/CEO

• Dr. Jen Morganti, Technical Director

Natural Dispensary Now Offers the Following Brands:

• Allergy Research Group

• American Biologics

• Biotics Research

• BioGenesis

• Carlson Labs

• Designs For Health

• Doctor’s Best

• Douglas Labs

• Cardiovascular Research

• Ecological Formulas

• Enzyme Science

• Gaia Professional Solutions

• Houston Enzymes

• Innate Response Formulas

• Integrative Therapeutics

• Interplexus

• Klaire Labs

• Jigsaw Health

• Life Extension

• Metabolic Maintenance

• Metagenics

• Natural Immunogenics

• Neuroscience

• Nordic Naturals

• Nutritional Biochemistry (NBI)

• NewMark

• Nutrasal

• Ortho Molecular Products

• Proper Nutrition

• Pure Encapsulations

• Researched Nutritionals

• Rx Vitamins

• Theralac

• Thorne

• Vital Nutrients

• Vitamin Research Products

Natural Vitality

8500 Shoal Creek Blvd., Building 4, #208
Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (800) 446-7462
Fax: (818) 847-1056
Email: info@naturalvitality.com • Websites: www.naturalvitality.com; www.organicconnectmag.com

Research-based Products Deliver Noticeable Results

Founded in 1995, Natural Vitality is a purpose-driven company that believes the nutrient content of the American diet has declined over the last 60 years, and this makes well-chosen supplements necessary for a healthy, sustainable life. To that end, the company has developed a line of premium-quality supplements based on research and formulated to produce a noticeable result. In addition, it believes that one can’t be totally healthy in a toxic world and that real health also requires creating a sustainable environment and food system.

To achieve these objectives, Natural Vitality operates in two ways. First, it produces high-quality, award-winning dietary supplements to assist individuals in achieving optimum health. Second, a percentage of product sales funds the company’s Natural Revitalization environmental action initiative, a program that supports organic farming and environmental stewardship.

As part of this program, Natural Vitality works with groups such as Remineralize the Earth, the Center for Food Safety, and the Bionutrient Food Association, a nonprofit research, education and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and implementing natural ways to restore health and vitality to our soil and our food. Natural Vitality also helps educate consumers with a free award-winning online magazine, Organic Connections (www.organicconnectmag.com). 

Natural Vitality believes that agriculture focused on quality, rather than quantity, is critical to health. For its dietary supplements, the company seeks out organic whole-food ingredients wherever possible. All the fruits and vegetables used are organically grown, and the agave, stevia and fruit flavorings are organic as well. This not only assures customers of no pesticide residues and no GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients, but also provides financial support to organic farming.

Additionally, Natural Vitality products often contain patented forms of supplement ingredients. These are standardized for consistent potency and many are backed by clinical research. In every product, ingredients— including ones that play an auxiliary role—are incorporated in amounts that provide an optimum, noticeable benefit.

Natural Vitality has always worked closely with health care professionals and servicing their offices has been an important part of the company’s business since its inception. It believes that most Americans, especially women, are taking too much calcium and that excess calcium combined with insufficient magnesium can lead to serious health issues. To that end, all of Natural Vitality’s products containing calcium are balanced on a 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio (or a bit higher in magnesium).

Main Products

• Natural Calm®

• Organic Life Vitamins®

• Kids Natural Calm® Multi

• Osteo Calm® (award-winning bone health)

• Natural Calm® Plus Calcium (balanced active formula)

• Energy28™ (sustainable energy from whole foods)

• Plant-Sourced Minerals (chelated ultra minerals) 

Association Memberships

• Natural Products Association

• Remineralize the Earth

• Bionutrient Food Association

• Farm Forward

• Slow Food USA

• Center for Food Safety

• Foodtank 

Key Executives

• Ken Whitman, President

• Susan Whitman, Executive Vice President

• Justin Farmer, CEO

• Rick Hand, Vice President of Sales

• Nick Nierop, Vice President of Account Management


373 280th St.
Osceola, WI 54020
Phone: (888) 342-7272; (715) 294-2144
Fax: (715) 294-3921
Email: customerservice@neuroscienceinc.com • Website: www.neuroscienceinc.com

Making an Integrative Approach to Medicine Possible

Dr. Gottfried Kellermann recognized the importance of an integrated approach to patient care. With a PhD in human genetics and biochemistry, he could see the value in current tests on the market to evaluate individual biomarkers, but also recognized the importance of gaining a more comprehensive picture. He believed that improvements in medical care would come when the interconnectedness of the neurological, immune and endocrine systems was recognized and applied to a care plan designed to treat the body as a whole.

To make his integrated approach to medicine possible, Dr. Kellermann and his wife, Mieke, spent years developing laboratory tests that would evaluate each system within the body. The comprehensive approach they were exploring had enormous potential to change the way doctors approach patient treatment. To make this kind of testing available to the practitioners across the U.S., the Kellermanns opened Pharmasan Labs in Osceola, WI. Today, this CLIA-certified (clinical laboratory improvement amendments) lab offers a wide variety of laboratory tests to evaluate each major system in the body. Health care providers use data from the neurotransmitter, hormone and immune testing categories to manage care for patients with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

The creation of Pharmasan Labs was only the beginning. The Kellermanns realized that although their laboratory testing helped to identify specific imbalances within the body, practitioners had a limited selection of products available on the market to treat such imbalances.

The Launch of NeuroScience 

In 2000, Dr. Kellermann launched NeuroScience™ with a line of uniquely formulated products designed to address imbalances revealed by laboratory testing. Although a separate company, NeuroScience works hand-in-hand with Pharmasan Labs to provide personalized product suggestions to address patient-specific imbalances. These products are designed to optimize neurotransmitter levels, helping to balance a patient’s nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Integrative Role of Neurotransmitters 

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that facilitate communication between neurons. This has an effect on every cell, tissue and organ system within the body. When neurotransmitter levels are out of balance, this communication is altered and a wide variety of clinical symptoms can result. Effects can be both physical and emotional, and affect a patient’s mental performance, mood, energy level and physiological responses. The nervous system plays such an integral role in the body that neurological imbalances underlie many of the most common symptoms and conditions seen today.

The NEI Supersystem 

As medical research has revealed the extent to which human systems rely on neurotransmitters to communicate, the need for understanding how neurotransmitters impact other systems has grown. In partnership with Pharmasan Labs, NeuroScience provides practitioners with the ability to combine lab test results into an integrated neuroendo- immune (NEI) patient data view. This integration of nervous-, endocrine- and immune-system biomarkers forms what NeuroScience refers to as the NEI Supersystem™. The Supersystem approach to patient care enables a level of personalized treatment that can address recurring, complex conditions more effectively.

The NEI Supersystem:

• Views nervous, endocrine and immune system interactions as integrated functions

• Provides practitioners with a way to test a patient for imbalances within, and between, the three systems

• Emphasizes the nervous system’s importance to overall health and focuses attention on the role neuro-signaling processes play in regulating and maintaining health throughout the body 

Assess & Address Patient Care Cycle 

NeuroScience works with practitioners who believe in a patient-centered approach to care. To support practitioners in personalizing treatment programs to meet the needs of individual patients, NeuroScience developed the Assess & Address™ model. This model combines Pharmasan Labs tests with NeuroScience products to create personalized, highly effective treatment programs. In addition to providing practitioners with Pharmasan Labs results, NeuroScience helps practitioners interpret patient data and provides product recommendations for a number of its core offerings. When a practitioner receives Pharmasan Labs results for neurotransmitter, adrenal or other select tests, they also receive the following from NeuroScience:

• Explanation of NEI interrelated functions and imbalances

• Customized multiphasic product recommendations

• Product dosages and duration 

While practitioners may suggest modified care programs to their patients, NeuroScience recommendations are based on 12 years of analytical expertise. Since 2000, Dr. Kellermann and the dedicated staff at NeuroScience have worked with health care practitioners to assess NEI imbalances and plan treatment programs after reviewing more than 600,000 test results. This extensive database and years of experience allows NeuroScience to interpret lab test results and provide individualized patient care recommendations. At NeuroScience, the interpretation of the test results is just as important as the numbers themselves.

What NeuroScience Offers a Practice 

Practitioners who benefit from working with NeuroScience:

• Consult patients with complex, chronic conditions

• Integrate nutrition and diet with patient care

• Use test results to form care decisions

• Individualize recommendations based on neurotransmitter test results & patient history

• Improve care through integrated data view 

Nordic Naturals, Inc.

111 Jennings Dr.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: (800) 662-2544
Email: info@nordicnaturals.com
Website: www.nordicnaturals.com

Corporate Values Fuel a Passion for Honest Business

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been committed to bringing forward a new definition of fish oil as it relates to purity, freshness, taste and dosage. The company has made its goal to produce the highest quality omega-3s on the planet. Its corporate values fuel its passion for conducting business honestly and authentically, demonstrating integrity in all it does. So, Nordic Naturals doesn’t just say it produces superior omega-3s—it proves it. Here’s how: 

Sustainable Business 

Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oils begin with 100 percent wild-caught, cold-water fish that are rich in omega-3 essential fats, and that are sourced from some of the cleanest waters in the world. The company carefully selects species that are not at risk of being overfished. These include Arctic cod (Skrei), Peruvian anchovies, Pacific sardines, and Alaskan pink and sockeye salmon. Most importantly, all fish come from fisheries that are well-managed and remain models of sustainability.

The company’s commitment to sustainability does not end at the dock. Nordic Naturals partners with fish processors that utilize 100 percent of all fish caught for human or animal consumption. Farther onshore, Nordic’s U.S. corporate headquarters is LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Business Council for demonstrating leadership in energy conservation, and environmental integrity in building design and construction.

Science & Technology 

Nordic Naturals’ ongoing mission will always be to shape industry standards and, ultimately, to correct the global omega-3 deficiency. It relies on the latest science of omega-3 nutrition and manufacturing technology to guide product formulations, while never compromising its ingredients or the natural resources they come from. The company’s finished products are backed by research at some of the world’s leading universities, and are featured in 25 published studies, with more than 30 in progress.

Every Nordic Naturals product provides omega-3s in the triglyceride molecular form—the same form in which these fats naturally occur in fish, thanks to a manufacturing that puts good practices before profit. By adding an extra step to its fish oil processing, the company avoids selling omega-3s as ethyl esters, the cheaper, manmade form of the omega-3 fatty acid molecule. This difference matters. Research shows that triglyceride form omega-3s are up to 70 percent more absorbable than ethyl ester omegas, which means better quality and better value in every serving.

Focus on Health 

Nordic Naturals believes that everyone deserves better health. That’s why it has an entire division of the company focused on educating both the public and health care practitioners on the importance of consistent, sufficient omega-3 nutrition. Every year Nordic Naturals sponsors conferences on omega-3 nutrition for professionals in medicine, research and academia, and it hosts an open-source online library—www.omega-research.com—where anyone can search the thousands of studies devoted to essential fatty acid research.

Nordic Naturals’ focus on health has made it popular with customers, and a leader in the omega-3 industry. Over the past 10 years it has won more than 30 awards for taste and product excellence, and it remains the No. 1- selling fish oil in natural products stores in the United States. Above all, these achievements reflect the company’s longstanding commitment to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils. 

The company’s finished products are backed by research at some of the world’s leading universities, and are featured in 25 published studies, with more than 30 in progress.

Protocol For Life Balance

244 Knollwood Dr., Ste. 300
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Phone: (877) 776-8610
Fax: (855) 833-9012
E-Mail: sales@protocolforlife.com • Website: www.protocolforlife.com

Quality Products That Deliver the Outcomes Practitioners Expect

Every day Protocol For Life Balance strives to provide the highest in both products and customer service. Its premium supplements are tested inhouse to ensure potency and, for many of its products, the company conducts bioavailability clinical studies at clinical labs. Protocol offers quality products at prices both practitioners and their patients can afford.

With a focus on quality, bioavailability and affordability, Protocol For Life Balance products are uniquely suited to provide the outcomes practitioners need and the results their patients desire.

Protocol For Life Balance is an A-rated GMP (good manufacturing practices) manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements created for health care practitioners. Its product line is comprised of effective, science-based formulations intended to address many nutrient deficiencies and support healthy physiological function. These formulations are based on the latest advances in nutritional science and incorporate ingredients of the highest quality. Protocol For Life Balance tests all its ingredients for identity, potency and purity, and the company audits many of its suppliers to ensure manufacturing quality.

Serving sizes are based on doses used in clinical trials and other published data, and the ingredients used in its products have been tested for efficacy in clinical trials and laboratory studies.

Protocol For Life Balance employs an experienced technical staff of biochemists, microbiologists, chemical engineers, chemists, nutritionists and food technologists, who formulate products based on current science and the latest nutritional parameters. The company’s state-of-the art, in-house laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical instrumentation, and its testing is verified by independent third-party laboratories. Modern science is used to support best formulations, which lead to products of the highest quality. The company’s contemporary products are tested to ensure bioavailability and potency and are designed to meet patients’ health and wellness needs.

How do we know Protocol For Life Balance products work? Because they are constantly requested for clinical trials conducted at top universities and research centers around the United States and in other countries. Its products are used in studies to determine measurable outcomes such as effectiveness for joint support, quality of life nutritional support for cancer patients, cardiovascular support and athletic endurance.

Protocol for Life Balance representatives are available to assist practitioners in selecting the most popular products from its extensive line. They can tailor the initial order to include formulas that are most appropriate for one’s practice with just a few simple questions.

The company guarantees the quality of its products and provides a money-back guarantee if any patient is less than 100 percent satisfied.

Protocol for Life Balance is sold to licensed health care practitioners. Its complete range of products spans blood sugar support, body composition, bone support, cardiovascular support, detoxification support, enzymes, fatty acids, probiotics, immune support, neurologic support, male health, female health and multiple vitamin formulas. 

QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc.

2208 S. 38th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Phone: (800) 542-4448; (414) 645-4222
Fax: (414) 645-3484
E-Mail: customerservice@breathtests.com • Website: www.breathtests.com

Take the Guesswork Out of Gas Work

Established in 1962, QuinTron Instrument Company, a familyowned business, manufactured gas chromatographs (GC) for respiratory gas analysis in the pulmonary field. A gastroenterologist approached QuinTron in the 1970s seeking analysis of trace concentrations of hydrogen, which led the company to manufacture Gcs specifically for breath tests in 1978.

In 1981, QuinTron introduced its first analyzer for this special application and from that time forward, it became dedicated to this special field and developed multiple lines of analyzers and accessories that are marketed around the world.

Breath testing with QuinTron’s analyzers and patented collection devices provides economic and safe alternatives compared to more invasive procedures such as blood tests, biopsies and/or obtaining aspirate for culturing.

Driven by Research, Guided by Science 

Breath tests were first used as an indicator that complex sugars were not broken down and absorbed in the small intestine during the digestion of foods. Hydrogen (H2) was measured in the breath after administering a dose of the sugar to be studied. The widest application of the test was for lactose intolerance. The hydrogen breath test (often referred to as the HBT or BHT) replaced a blood test, which was based on the absence of a blood glucose response following lactose ingestion. The blood test is not as reliable as the breath hydrogen test since it produces a greater proportion of false-negative and false-positive tests. When the reliability and simplicity of the breath- H2 test was demonstrated with lactose, it was soon applied to other complex sugars like fructose (from fruits), maltose (from some starches) and sucrose (common table sugar, which is rarely absorbed). It has also been used to indicate that some people are unusually sensitive to sorbitol, an artificial sweetener used in dietetic candy, sugar-free chewing gum and other dietetic foods.

Quality Assurance 

Initially, trace gases were analyzed only for hydrogen. As studies indicated that methane (CH4) was also an important intestinal gas to be considered, QuinTron developed analyzers that measure breath samples for both hydrogen and methane. The addition of methane measurement provides practitioners with the most comprehensive information to help treat their patients with carbohydrate malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Practice Options 

Practitioners have a choice in how to provide breath testing to their patients. Some practitioners prefer to have a QuinTron BreathTracker on-site, which allows them to have immediate information to best treat their patients. Other practitioners elect to participate in a kit program that allows them to dispense breath test kits to their patients, which permits the patients to easily collect their own samples at home or work. The samples are then submitted to a facility where analysis is performed.

Most Common Tests

• Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

• Lactose Intolerance

• Fructose Intolerance

• Sucrose Intolerance

• Xylose Intolerance

Vital Nutrients

45 Kenneth Dooley Dr.
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (888) 328-9992
Website: www.vitalnutrients.net

Exceeding Industry & Regulatory Quality Assurance Standards

Vital Nutrients is an Americanowned supplement manufacturer that is widely known as “The Leader in Quality Assurance.” The Vital Nutrients product line includes 200 science-based and pharmaceutical-grade supplements sold exclusively to health care professionals. All of its products are manufactured in the U.S. at an FDA-inspected facility.

The company was started out of the desire to make consistent, high quality, clean products that are clinically reliable. Research on existing companies at the time indicated quality control and assurance were often inconsistently followed or ignored, while the industry at large was not held accountable to high standards of quality assurance.

Today, Vital Nutrients provides health care practitioners with superior quality nutraceuticals that exceed both industry and government standards and provide clinically effective results.

Core Products, New Introductions 

Vital Nutrients carries a wide range of pharmaceutical- grade nutraceuticals, including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, essential fatty acids, protein powders and specialty formulations.

Vital Nutrients’ most popular formulas include Adrenal Support, BCQ (inflammation support) Sleep Aide, Blood Sugar Support, GI Repair and Vital Brain Powder. Most recently, 7-Keto-DHEA 100 mg has been added to the product line. 

7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA that promotes the utilization of fat for energy and naturally declines with age. 7-Keto is non-stimulatory and cannot be converted back to DHEA by the body. When combined with diet and exercise, 7-Keto may be effective in promoting healthy weight maintenance.

R&D Efforts & Clinical Substantiation 

A team of qualified health care professionals formulates Vital Nutrients products. All products are developed using peer-reviewed human and/or animal-based studies. The company’s team of health professionals works diligently to ensure that the raw materials chosen for Vital Nutrients’ formulations work synergistically to produce the best clinical outcome. All of its products are made with the most bioactive ingredients, with the ultimate goal of helping people increase their health, well-being and vitality.

The company’s comprehensive testing program adequately identifies and rejects materials that are inauthentic, sub-potent, superpotent or contaminated. Vital Nutrients products are consistently safe, authentic, pure and verified to meet label claim on every batch. This consistency improves clinical success and the credibility of the prescribing health care practitioner. A company that does little or no testing will have wide variations in potency, purity and authenticity from batch to batch, making the products unreliable and often less efficacious.

Quality Assurance

Vital Nutrients exceeds both industry and regulatory standards for quality assurance. All products are manufactured in its strictly controlled, FDA-inspected facility, and all testing is done using ethical, accredited, third-party independent labs using scientifically valid test methods.

Every raw material is tested for authenticity, potency, bacteria, yeast, mold and chemical solvent residues, as well as other contaminants specific to the nature of the material such as heavy metals, aflatoxins, herbicide/pesticide/fungicide residues, industrial contaminants, dioxins, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) and rancidity markers.

All finished products are tested for label claim potency, microbiology contamination and rancidity when applicable. Additionally, stability testing is done to ensure the label claim through the expiration period. This level of testing is uncommon among professional or retail brands.

For more information on Vital Nutrients and its industry leading quality assurance measures, visit www.vitalnutrients.net. 

Future Goals 

Vital Nutrients will continue to provide high quality products and continue to formulate, develop and market innovative nutritional supplements that are clinically effective and increase health, well-being and vitality.

Key Executives

• Thomas Petrarca, Chairman, CEO & President

• Rick Liva Rph, ND, Chief Medical Officer & Director of Quality 

Emerson Ecologics

1230 Elm St., Ste. 301
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (800) 654-4432; (603) 656-9778
Fax: (603) 656-9797
Website: www.emersonecologics.com

Delivering Products & Advice Customers Trust

For more than 30 years, Emerson Ecologics has successfully provided practitioners and their patients a convenient way to purchase from more than 275 quality brands of professional nutritional supplements, vitamins and health products.

Emerson Ecologics provides the best experience for its customers and ensures that the voice of practitioners is incorporated into its strategy. Its leadership team consists of:

• Andy Greenawalt, CEO

• Kevin Purcell, CFO

• Ian Grant, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

• Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, Quality Program Director 

It also has a medical education team to provide all the education one needs to sell supplements, vitamins and health products in a practice. Its staff of integrative doctors provides customers with advice, expertise and support—a FREE peer-to-peer service.

The team is led by Jaclyn Chasse, ND, medical director at Emerson and member of the American Association for Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) Board. Dr. Chasse also serves on the Editorial Board for the Natural Medicine Journal, has served as the president of the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND) and was recently awarded “Leading Physician in Integrative Medicine” by New Hampshire Magazine.

Other members of the team include Tina Beaudoin, ND and Chris Oswald, DC, CNS. Dr. Beaudoin currently serves as the NHAND president, and also gives lectures on a variety of integrative health care topics to enhance community wellness. Dr. Oswald is a member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). His forte is combining chiropractic and nutrition to support the body’s ability to heal from within, particularly to cope with the negative effects of stress.

Emerson Ecologics also maintains high standards of product quality. Every brand it carries undergoes a rigorous initial review process and label review to ensure it meets the company’s safety standards.

In addition, the Emerson Quality ProgramSM (EQP) provides industry-leading, independent verification of product quality for participating brands. Emerson has verified that all EQP partners are compliant with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Brands that carry the Gold or Silver EQP Partner quality seal have been tested in qualified labs to be free of contaminants that could affect the product’s safety and efficacy.

Emerson shares the integrative health practitioner’s goal to deliver wellness every day, and the company delivers by providing products and advice customers trust.