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4MedPlus Offers Free, Accredited, Online Infection Prevention Training for Medical Sites During Coronavirus Crisis

DaVinci Laboratories

Hospitals and health care sites nationwide were already facing a nursing and clinical care staffing shortage. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the shortage has expanded rapidly due to potentially ill health care workers and unprecedented demand. Emergency providers, law enforcement workers, community crisis teams and other non-health care workers have been called upon to assist with testing and early response care. As a result, the need for infection prevention training is at critical mass nationwide.

“In an effort to assist in this time of crisis, we are offering our accredited online learning bundle covering all aspects of infection awareness and prevention at no cost. It includes a special new module focused specifically on CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines for infection prevention as it relates to COVID19,” said Wendy Whitmore, chief learning officer at 4MedPlus Education. “We hope that making this course accessible to anyone who needs it will allow more health and medical sites to deliver up-to-date infection prevention training to everyone addressing this crisis in the field.”

The Certificate of Infection Control and Barrier Protection Proficiency (CICBP) accredited bundle is nationally approved for providers, practice managers, consultants, medical staff, students in healthcare programs, HealthIT managers and others addressing medical site administration or requiring infection prevention awareness training. It delivers a certificate of proficiency to all attendees.

The newly signed 8.4 billion dollar emergency federal funding bill does include assistance for preparedness. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) took several coronavirus-related steps, including its number one call to action—infection control procedures.

Interested learners CAN apply code: PREVENTION100 at checkout using this link for the next 30 days for immediate access to the course: www.4medtrainingcatalog.com/online-store/SELF-PACED-Certificate-of-Infection-Control-Barrier-Protection-CICBP-p85386219.