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Afraid of Ebola? Free Webinar Offers New Understanding of Microbes


In a upcoming free webinar “Love Your Viruses, Bacteria and Microbes,” Christa Krahnert, doctor of naturopathy for 25 years, and Johannes R. Fisslinger, founder META-Health University, will go beyond the often heard arguments and discussions between traditional and complementary medicine proponents and look at microbes from a META-Health perspective.

“We will reveal a revolutionary new perspective about microbes and how they are actually extremely important for our well-being,” said Fisslinger.

According to Fisslinger, the Nov. 11 seminar is geared towards those who have been fearful or confused about viruses, bacteria, fungi and their effect on our body. Some of the topics to be discussed at the webinar include:

  • A revolutionary new understanding of microbes
  • Why viruses and bacteria are not what you think they are
  • Why you actually might not heal because of a lack of microbes
  • How you can protect yourself and your family


There will also be a question and answer period during the webinar.

For more information or to register for the free webinar, visit www.webinarjam.com.