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AGS Test Now Offers More Comprehensive Report

DaVinci Laboratories

Arizona-based Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) has announced that its Health & Wellness Genetic Test is now offering an even more comprehensive and actionable report to its clients. The new report provides additional personalized recommendations in three areas: Food/nutrition, Supplements and Exercise. The new reports follow AGS expanding its test to include additional genes, SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphis) and variations.

The three most popular highlights from the new report are the Overall Health Awareness and Effort Score, the Grocery List and the recommended Exercise/Workout.

Overall Health Awareness and Effort Score: AGS evaluates the most clinically validated biomarkers for obesity and BMI (body ags-testing-kit-2017-himass index) by using a scientific algorithm to determine a client’s score.  If the score is high, it does not mean the individual is doomed to be obese. Instead, it means that the client would find it more beneficial to adhere to the right diet and exercise recommendations according to their DNA. This will keep them on track and help the client to achieve optimal health and wellness.

The Overall Health Awareness and Effort Score is a rating between 1 and 10 (1 means a low level of awareness and effort level is required to stay healthy, 10 means a high level of effort and awareness is required to stay fit). It is calculated by examining SNPs in your DNA that have been associated with weight gain including BMI, waist circumference, and body fat percentage. These DNA base pairs represent various tendencies such as overeating, lower metabolic rates, cravings for sweet foods, and other behaviors that can lead to weight management issues. Being aware of one’s genetic tendencies will allow report recipients to understand the level of effort needed to support overall health and wellness.

Grocery List: The report provides extensive dietary recommendations based on what your body can properly metabolize and absorb. In addition to a recommended proportion of different foods (proteins, carbs, fats, etc.) based on your unique body’s needs, AGS has added a grocery list section, complete with recommended meals and snacks.  The grocery list also includes foods that you should avoid.

Recommended Workout/Exercise: The report provides specific recommendations as to what type of exercise a person’s unique DNA needs most.  For example, it might advise that a higher percentage of endurance exercise might be more beneficial to weight training or sprint training. The new report shares sample workout recommendations to help an individual’s body to maintain or improve fitness. The detailed recommendations can be particularly useful to professional trainers in designing a workout for a client, elite athletes who have peaked and are trying to jump to the next level, people trying to maintain their current fitness or those trying to lose weight helping them focus on exercise most likely to get them noticeable results.

Taking in conjunction, the reports serve as blueprint for overall health and weight related issues, whether that desire be to lose, gain or maintain weight.

The new reports are in part, a result of AGS expanding the number of genes, SNPs and variations studied.  AGS now reviews 58 different genes, 61 different SNPs (up from 54) and more than 75 different variations.

The additional data allowed for creation of an even more enhanced report.

“By expanding the genes and SNPs tested, we are able to expand the report to include even more usable, actionable information,” said Lance Bennett, co-founder at AGS. “We’re getting fantastic response from those who take the test that love the new grocery do’s and don’t list, and the expanded workout recommendations based on the individual’s unique DNA.  We decided to make these new reports our standard going forward while not raising the price for this only-take-once-in-your-life test.”

For more information, visit www.ags-health.com.