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Bastyr Clinics Offering Free Virtual Wellness Coaching Visits in Response to COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are dealing with increased stress, attempting to practice self-Bastyrcare, and struggling to maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and/or work colleagues. With isolation, fear and financial worries hampering the ability for people to seek help, organizations are stepping up to help. Bastyr University is offering free wellness coaching services to local communities in the states of Washington and California only.

The wellness coaching visits support people in achieving specific goals in their personal wellness. Goals may include:

  • Dealing with stress related to COVID-19 changes
  • Enhancing mindfulness practices
  • Creating healthy self-care practices while staying home
  • Improving relationships and social connection.

*Please note that Wellness Coaching sessions do not treat mental health disorders/illnesses or provide mental health counseling.

For more information, visit https://bastyrcenter.org/?__hstc=193273906.2ade3ba204c9bd127d3949874e3d7992.1622651729675.1622651729675.1622651729675.1&__hssc=193273906.7.1622651729675&__hsfp=379383135#_ga=2.169863458.2065736657.1622651727-null.