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Bauman College Launches Nutrition Health Coach Program and New Modularized Nutrition Consultant Program

Longevity By Nature

After celebrating 30 years at the forefront of the holistic health movement, Bauman College (California) continues to pioneer new evidence-based strategies to change the world through nutrition. On May 1, Bauman College launched two rigorous educational programs that pair effective, cutting-edge coaching and consulting curriculums with a robust foundation of whole-foods nutrition.

The first of these is the all-new Nutrition Health Coach Program. In this program, students learn a valuable technique called “narrative health coaching.” This holistic approach goes beyond conventional coaching to encourage clients to gain awareness of the mindsets and stories that can contribute to maladaptive health behaviors. Nutrition health coaches help their clients create new stories that promote healing and sustainable health.

In addition to this comprehensive health coaching curriculum, the program helps students master macro- and micronutrient selection, digestion, chronic disease prevention, sports nutrition and the effects of food on the body.

Graduates will have the ability to highly motivate clients in supporting the healing of chronic illness through ongoing dietary and lifestyle changes. The program is an approved transitional program by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and graduates are eligible to sit for the board exam, which upon passing, enables them to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches.

“The Nutrition Health Coach Program arms graduates with the tools necessary to address clients’ long-standing beliefs and stories that obstruct optimal health, thereby supporting them with meaningful and sustained behavioral changes,” said Rosie Ueng, MS, director of academics at Bauman College. “The curriculum is uniquely paired with practical and essential nutrition information that is vital for understanding today’s most common disease manifestations.”

The newly updated and modularized Nutrition Consultant Program, which also launched May 1,offers students flexibility with the ability to customize their own educational journeys. It begins with the Foundations of Nutrition course, which is a core component of both the Nutrition Consultant and Nutrition Health Coach programs and is also available to students who are undecided on their career paths.

The Nutrition Consultant Program is now modularized to accommodate the varying interests and career paths that students wish to take. Its new, state-of-the-art delivery model addresses modern educational needs through proven methods, including scenario-based microlearning and multimedia. By engaging with case studies and practical interactive activities, students exercise real-world applications that address various learning styles and increase assimilation and retention of knowledge.

The program is offered online or in a blended format, in which students have a unique opportunity to move through classes online and attend in-person classroom sessions to engage in active and practical learning. The delivery methods are flexible and enable students to accommodate other life responsibilities while attending school.

The Nutrition Consultant Program is approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and graduates are eligible to sit for the board exam, which upon passing, enables them to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

“To create the new Nutrition Consultant Program, we have employed modern educational approaches to maximize engagement, retention, accessibility, and practicality,” said Ueng. “The new program reflects not only the most current research in nutrition science, but also embodies the most current pedagogic methods and appeals to modern learners. Comprehension is enhanced through students actively engaging with the content, which is made practical through case studies. The new blended program offers students the opportunity to further assimilate content through in-person practical activities with peers and instructors. The modularization of the program provides students with more options to suit their career choices and also offers them the opportunity to explore before committing to a specific path.”

For more infoamtion, visit https://baumancollege.org