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Cyrex Laboratories Launches Panel To Measure Reactivity to 180 Food Antigens

Cyrex Laboratories (Phoenix, AZ) has launched its innovative Array 10, a multiple food immune reactivity screen. Array 10 is the most innovative immune reactivity food panel on the market, according to the company.  The result of 30 years of scientific development, Array 10 features 10 advanced proprietary technologies by Cyrex.

First, unlike other labs, Array 10 tests 180 cooked, raw and modified foods. Array 10 is unique to Cyrex in that it tests for immune reactivity to foods the way in which foods are most likely consumed (cooked, raw or modified). The reasoning behind testing for reactivity to cooked, modified and raw foods is once a food is heated to 118 degrees or more; the protein structure, and therefore its antigenicity may change. This “real-world” approach to testing minimizes the risk of missing reactivity to some of the most common foods.

Additional proprietary technologies featured in Array 10 include: combined food protein reactivity, lectins & agglutins isolation technology, amplified antigenics proteins and peptides, hidden meat glue, cross-reactive pan-antigen isolates, gum large molecule reactivity, tissue-bound artificial food coloring reactivity, oil protein isolation and dual antibody detection.

“There are so many ways that Array 10 is beneficial to patients. According to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, over 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.  It’s time we start paying attention to what we are putting into our bodies and how our bodies react to our diets,” said Dr. Aristo Vojdani, pioneer of ELISA testing and chief scientific advisor for Cyrex Laboratories. “In addition to genes, environmental triggers such as toxic chemicals, infectious agents and food proteomes all play a significant role in autoimmune disease. Array 10 provides a comprehensive look at immune reactivity to a wide range of foods through a simple blood test. It is a great tool for doctors to use with those who already have an autoimmune disorder and with those who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle through a wellness strategy.”

Array 10 and all of Cyrex’s Arrays are available to consumers exclusively through an order from a physician or other licensed healthcare professional. Array 10 is recommended for patients who are experiencing unexplained symptoms that are gastrointestinal, neurological, dermatological or behavioral in nature. In addition, the test is recommended for those who are suspected of having increased intestinal permeability, which is the gateway for environmentally induced autoimmune disorders.

For more information, visit www.cyrexlabs.com.