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Diem Enters Into Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Emerson Ecologics for Health Care Practitioner Line

DaVinci Laboratories

Diem (Ann Arbor, MI) has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Emerson Ecologics, the nation’s largest distributor of integrative wellness products to health diem-emerson-lineupcare practitioners. As a provider of professional-brand dietary supplements and medical foods, Diem will provide products including Umbrellux DAO, Cerenx and Adiposano available through Emerson Ecologics and Emerson’s Wellevate integrated dispensary platform beginning in June.

“Emerson Ecologics is providing us with the best distribution opportunities to get these vital supplements in the hands of health care providers so they can help patients who are living with these common challenges,” said Kurt Cameron, COO of Diem. “We are a company committed to providing solutions to healthcare practitioners, and this agreement with Emerson Ecologics will allow us to more effectively serve their needs.”

Diem’s products address a range of underserved and emerging health concerns. Umbrellux DAO is the original diamine oxidase (DAO) supplement brand in the United States designed to help mitigate histamine intolerance or DAO deficiency, which experts believe affects up to 5 percent of the population. Cerenx is a citicoline medical food for the specific dietary needs of patients with cerebral ischemia, early cognitive decline and neurodegeneration. Adiposano is a medical food designed specifically to support metabolic health for overweight or obese individuals with associated joint health concerns. People with advanced joint concerns are almost three times more likely than those in the general population to have metabolic syndrome, which is linked to increased risks of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“We are so happy to partner with Diem to bring their great products to the health care market,” says Jaclyn Chasse, ND, vice president of medical education & Wellevate at Emerson Ecologics. “Their innovative formulas address a wide variety of health areas and their Umbrellux DAO product will be of particular interest as there has been a high demand for histamine management support.”

For more information, visit www.emersonecologics.com,  https://wellevate.me or http://diemlabsllc.com.