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Emerson Ecologics Launches 2016 Emerson Grant Program

Emerson Ecologics
DaVinci Laboratories

Emerson Ecologics, LLC (Manchester, NH) recently announced that it is accepting applications for The 2016 Emerson Grant. The Emerson Grant Program is aimed at supporting the work of integrative health practitioners while also promoting integrative medicine in the United States.

The Emerson Grant is a competitive, discretionary award ranging from $500 to $10,000, with the 2016 Grant Program totaling awards up to $25,000. Projects may include legislative efforts, public awareness campaigns or enhancements to education or clinical training, but all projects are focused on expanding or improving integrative medicine. “Each year we look forward to the launch of the Emerson Grant Program and the opportunity to help integrative organizations further their dream projects to increase the delivery and reach of integrative medicine to all those in need,” expressed Tina Beaudoin, ND and senior medical educator at Emerson Ecologics.

In 2015, Emerson Ecologics awarded three grants to:

  • Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians: $10,000 award to support the effort to obtain full licensure for naturopathic doctors in Michigan. Currently only 18 states, four of which are located in New England, have licensing laws for naturopathic physicians.
  • Maryland University of Integrative Healthcare, Dispensary Department: $7,500 grant to aid in developing a training program for current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) requirements. The University’s project also supports the development of quality assurance programs for new herbalists and small-size herbal supplement companies.
  • Natural Doctors International (NDI): $7,500 grant awarded to assist NDI in expanding its recruiting efforts for additional integrative disciplines, including acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition, herbalism and conventional medicine. NDI, one of the oldest naturopathic health organizations in North America, is dedicated to bringing integrative medicine to underserved populations.

Tabatha Parker, ND, the current president of NDI, shared “we are so grateful that the Emerson Grant Program has allowed NDI to attract a larger variety of medical students and professionals. This not only means greater integrative learning opportunities during our medical brigades but also better holistic health care for the patients of the rural communities that we serve.”

For more information, visit www.emersonecologics.com/grant.