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Emerson Ecologics Supports Joint Federal Agencies Actions to Focus the Supplement Industry on Quality

Emerson Ecologics
Longevity By Nature

Emerson Ecologics (Manchester, NH) said it supports the Joint Federal Agencies’ focus on improving quality and ensuring that irresponsible companies face penalties for putting consumers at risk. While the federal agencies took action against a few specific companies, their press release stated: “We are not here to criticize the entire supplement marketplace. Not every supplement contains an undisclosed ingredient. Not every label lies about what is contained in the bottle. Not every claim about dietary supplements is unsupported by scientific evidence.”

Emerson Ecologics’ Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Jaclyn Chasse, ND reinforced that “There are many diligent brands that are focused on providing the highest quality products and Emerson Ecologics applauds the Joint Federal Agencies’ actions to address those companies that are not adhering to the standards of quality and transparency,” she said. “We cannot stress too strongly how important the relationship is between health practitioners and their patients—and how essential it is for patients to have their questions about supplements answered by informed practitioners. Integrative health practitioners believe that high-quality supplements are elemental in patient care, and the quality of the supplement is a key component of its efficacy and ability to support patient health.”

To help practitioners make the most informed recommendations to their patients, Emerson Ecologics developed the Emerson Quality Program (EQP) in 2010. “The EQP provides practitioners with reliable information about the quality standards of participating brands and helps them make informed decisions,” Dr. Chasse noted. “Each of the brands that we represent is committed to current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) adherence, and our EQP Silver and Gold ratings indicate that our participating brands exceed those baseline FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) standards.”

 For more information, visit www.emersonecologics.com.