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Enbiosis Biotechnology Increases Global Footprint With U.S. Expansion

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Enbiosis Biotechnology, a U.K.-based biotechnology company in the field of microbiome analysis, has enbiosis_highannounced a definitive plan to expand its operations into the U.S. Enbiosis will focus its U.S. efforts exclusively in the health care practitioner market. The company currently has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as in Istanbul.

Established in 2018, Enbiosis has created the world’s largest microbiome biobank, which drives its patented analytical technology, according to the company. Enbiosis also applies information from its proprietary Microorganism-Nutrient Interaction Database to generate personalized dietary plans.

Omer Ozkan, CEO of Enbiosis, co-founded  the company with Dr. Ufuk Nalbantoglu, chief technology officer and architect of the bioinformatics software powering the Earth Microbiome Project. “In my efforts to find the most meaningful approach to enhancing human health I realized that the best area to focus on is the human microbiome,” said Ozkan.

The revolutionary advances in genomics and microbiology in the past 10 years have validated the importance of the microbiome and its association with complex diseases such as obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Because of the prevalence of these chronic diseases in the U.S., Enbiosis is well positioned to play a critical role in this market.

The U.S. expansion is a collaborative effort between the European based Enbiosis team and Dr. Adam Killpartrick, a U.S.-based wellness industry executive with extensive experience in the practitioner channel. Dr. Killpartrick has worked in various capacities, including but not limited to R&D and product development, with leading dietary supplement companies for the past 15-plus years while also maintaining a functional medicine practice for the majority of that time.

“I’ve not seen anything in the way of functional diagnostics that comes close to what Enbiosis offers and I couldn’t be more excited to play a key role in helping every healthcare provider in the U.S. have the opportunity to use this incredible technology to enhance their patients’ clinical outcomes.’ said Dr. Killpartrick.

“I worked very hard to assemble a team, led by two leading scientists in the fields of  microbiology and bioinformatics, and developed a microbiome analytics and modulation tool so cutting edge it will, with the help of Dr. Killpartrick, change the way patients are cared for in the U.S. market and bring about a level of true dietary personalization the likes of which the health care practitioner channel has never seen.” added Ozkan.

For more information, visit www.enbiosis.com.