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EnerHealth Launches Professional Line of Herbal Hemp Formulas for Wellness Practitioners

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EnerHealth Botanicals, a Colorado-based manufacturer of natural and organic herbal supplements, has announced the launch of its new line, Helix Herbs, formulated for health professionals who practice holistic alternative and natural medicine methodologies. The line of full-spectrum, raw, whole plant extracts includes 1-oz. pure hemp extracts available in four potencies, and four unique 2-oz. hemp blends.

EnerHealth, a longtime leader in artisan-quality herbal extracts and other products, developed the practitioner line in response to the rising demand for wellness products made from hemp and the growth in alternative medicine. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in a March 2016 analysis, approximately 38 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

The perceived therapeutic attributes of hemp extract rich in phyto-cannabinoid compounds have become extremely popular as people search for alternative ways to alleviate what ails them. According to market research compiled by Hemp Business Journal, the hemp industry is projected to grow to $1.8 billion in sales by 2020, led by hemp food, body care, and extract-based products.

“The goal with Helix Herbs is to assist people in their quest to find, achieve and maintain optimum health,” says Steve St. Clair, founder and CEO of EnerHealth. “People are increasingly turning to chiropractors, naturopaths, traditional herbalists, and other practitioners for natural healthcare options and we want to provide efficacious hemp extracts for the practitioner’s toolbox,” he adds.

The hemp used in EnerHealth’s extracts comes from farms that follow organic production practices. Using a specialized “spagyric” technique that utilizes only organic grape alcohol and pure water, the company uses this innovative extract technology and a low temperature technique to preserve the living constituents of the original raw hemp plant. EnerHealth’s Whole Hemp Extract is considered to be the most effective and safest on the market today.

For practitioner wholesale inquiries contact Helix Herbs via EnerHealth Botanicals, call (866) 762-9238 or email sales@enerhealthbotanicals.com. For more information, visit www.helixherbs.com.