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Farlong Pharmaceutical Offers Formulas and Ingredients to Relieve Symptoms of Influenza, Cold, Cough and Respiratory Illnesses this Winter

Longevity By Nature

Farlong Pharmaceutical (Walnut, CA), a vertically integrated, plant-based ingredient and supplement Lung_Booster_1company, is offering formulas and ingredients to relieve seasonal influenza-related symptoms including a sore throat, cough and fever amongst others. These products include Lung Booster 1 (Ling Dan Cao Granules), Revitalize Immunity Boost (Nan Ban Lan Gen Granules), Rescue Respiratory Relief (Ping Chuan Granules) and Renew Lung Support (Qing Wen Xuan Fei Granules). These formulas have been used in clinics across the U.S. such as Acupuncture Corporation of America (ACA)’s franchised clinics, and are widely favored by both practitioners and patients.

“This winter, both consumers and practitioners are looking for natural ways to boost their immune systems and remain healthy,” Jing Struve, CEO and executive director of Farlong Pharmaceutical. “Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been in practice for thousands of years, and we are proud to provide top quality ingredients that are recognized for their effectiveness to help relieve the symptoms of numerous ailments.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and increased demand, Farlong introduced Lung Booster 1, a dietary supplement, earlier this year. Lung Booster 1 is derived from Ling Dan Cao Granules and is used to protect the throat, lung and respiratory tract system, which in turn can help to relieve influenza symptoms. It helps to relieve a sore throat within hours when mixed in warm water and sipped slowly. The granules are developed from the whole plant extract from Chou Ling Dan Cao that is geologically unique to Yunnan Province, a region known for harvesting herbs used in TCM. For more than 500 years, Chou Ling Dan Cao has been used to cool the body’s internal temperature, detoxify and soothe the throat, clear lung-heat and resolve phlegm. Lingdancao was recently named by Guangzhou Medical University, Yunnan University of TCM, and Yunnan Health Department Health Supervision Bureau as one of the recommended natural herbs for relieving symptoms of COVID-19.

Revitalize Immunity Boost, Rescue Respiratory Relief and Renew Lung Support are available through Farlong’s professional line for TCM practitioners, acupuncturists or dietary supplement brand owners to white label. Especially during influenza season, individuals can strengthen their immune system with Revitalize Immunity Boost, made from Nan Ban Lan Gen Granules which are used for clearing internal heat, cooling blood, supporting the health of the throat and lung, and rebuilding the body’s natural balance. The formula is made of Baphicacanthus cusiaextract (Ban Lan Gen) and Isatis indigoticaextract (Da Qing Ye). Rescue Respiratory Relief contains Ping Chuan Granules which help to relieve asthma related coughs, throat and lung infections, dissolve phlegm, and strengthen the immune system. The formula is made of Rhododendron dauricumextract (Man Shan Hong), Platycodon grandiflorumextract (Jie Gen), and Glyeyrrhiza uralensisextract (Zhi Gan Cao). Renew Lung Support is formulated using Qing Wen Xuan Fei Granules, which are popular among practitioners due to its immediate effectiveness to suppress influenza symptoms, such as sore throat, phlegm, and fever related body aches.

For more information, visit www.farlong.com.