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Food as Medicine Symposium Celebrates 10 Years of Promoting Health, Wellness

Longevity By Nature

The 10th annual Food as Medicine Symposium, which took place Feb. 10-11 at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR, signified a decade of dedication to promoting health and wellness through the transformative power of food.

With an overarching theme of “Nutrition for Mental Health,” the symposium delved into the profound impact of dietary choices on mental well-being, emphasizing the pivotal role of nutrition in fostering a comprehensive approach to health care.

More than 120 people attended this year’s symposium, which featured an impressive lineup of renowned speakers with expertise in the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental health.

“It’s always a fun opportunity to bring together current students, alumni, health care professionals and community members who share a passion for supporting health through nutrition,” said Kira Freed, MEd, MScN, Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) educator, one of the event organizers. “This year’s topic, Nutrition for Mental Health, is a growing area of interest for integrative healthcare practitioners.

The event garnered positive feedback from attendees. The 100 health care professionals and 25 from the public track expressed gratitude for the valuable insights provided by the speakers, who included: Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP; Anna Froman, ND, MScN; Jess Zadra, MS, CNS; Emily Wolbers, ND; Heather Hydzik, ND; Jamie Menzel, MScN, CN; and Ian Rubin, MA.

“The presenters shared both scientific evidence and helpful insights from clinical practice,” Freed said, “and attendees consistently shared how much they appreciated having actionable takeaways from the lectures.”

As the 10th annual symposium marks a significant milestone, the organizers expressed plans to build on this year’s success, anticipating an even grander event in the future.

“After a few years of limited in-person events due to COVID-19, we are re-building one event to the next,” Andrew Erlandsen, ND, Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI) physician, said. “Given the huge success of this year’s Symposium, I expect next year will be even more grand.”

For more information, visit https://foodasmedicineinstitute.com.