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Integrative Health Platform Flöka Launches Partnership with Fullscript


Flöka, a Canadian digital wellness platform for lifestyle-focused practitioners in North America has announced Flokaa partnership with Fullscript (Ottawa, ON, Canada). The partnership enables Flöka’s practitioner community to leverage Fullscript’s direct-to-patient supplement dispensing, while Fullscript gains a woman-founded partner with the same Ottawa-roots, dedicated to solving patient history communication through data-driven care.

“There are so many reasons to be excited about this partnership and integration with Flöka,” said Emily Rothwell, director of integrations and partnerships at Fullscript. “It’s a unique platform addressing the currently underserved area of women’s health at a time when highly personalized digital solutions are in high demand to meet the expectations of forward-thinking practitioners and savvy health consumers. Flöka checks all the boxes, and we are thrilled to have them join our ecosystem of partners.”

FullscriptFlöka is a platform that supports lifestyle-focused practitioners looking to scale its practice with data-driven care. It responds to patient journeys, many of which have changed significantly with the adoption of apps and wearables. By integrating with these tools, Flöka automates and streamlines health communication to ensure integrative practitioners are always up to date to give the best recommendations.

“We are honored to join the Fullscript ecosystem,” said Vanessa de Waal, Flöka’s CEO. “This partnership will enable more digital wellness tools for practitioners and patients to collaborate, all in one place. This will help practitioners to make better recommendations while scaling their practice for future growth. For patients, they will now be able to track their journey in one place, collaborating with thousands of sources, along with their practitioner’s recommendations and supplements for streamlined healing.”

For more information, visit www.floka.co or https://fullscript.com.