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Intiva Health Adds Coronavirus Tracker to Ready Doc Platform

DaVinci Laboratories

Intiva Health’s (Austin, TX) newest addition to its Ready Doc credentialing platform allows health care providers to track the number of confirmed coronavirus cases as well as their location across the world.

The new feature comes days after the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed more than 100,000 reported cases of COVID-19 in 100 countries at a media briefing on March 9.

On March 11, leaders with WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic.

“With the new coronavirus tracking feature, physicians and other health care providers will be able to have the latest facts and figures available to them within the same platform as where they securely store their credentials and other vital digital documents,” said Robb Duke, vice president of sales and marketing at Intiva Health. “There are a variety of resources linked directly from the Ready Doc dashboard in addition to selecting specific data sets in real-time to drill down. This tool is vital for anyone in the health care industry as the spread and effects of coronavirus reach epic proportions.”

“For all countries, the aim is the same: stop transmission and prevent the spread of the virus. For [countries with no cases, sporadic cases, and clusters] they must focus on finding, testing, treating and isolating individual cases, and following their contacts,” said WHO in a statement. “In areas with community spread, testing every suspected case and tracing their contacts becomes more challenging. Action must be taken to prevent transmission at the community level to reduce the [pandemic] to manageable clusters.”

Leaders with WHO reiterated the fact that it could be the first pandemic in history that could be controlled. In addition to its Coronavirus Tracking Map, Intiva Health also offers an ACCME-accredited course on the Ready Doc platform: Identification and Containment of the Coronavirus: COVID-19. Both of these resources are aimed at assisting physicians and health care providers to be able to follow the suggestions from health authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

For more information, visit https://intivahealth.com.