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MediNatura Finalizes Purchase of Heel Inc.

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MediNatura Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, announced it has finalized the purchase of the Heel Group’s USA operations for over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

“We are dedicated to providing outstanding homeopathic natural medications to our practitioners, retailers and the millions of people who prefer natural health care products to synthetic ones,” said Cathy Raish, MediNatura’s director of product development and regulatory affairs.

MediNatura’s full product line will be introduced in late 2014, and is designed to treat the same indications as the former Heel line, also using natural homeopathic medicines, according to the company, adding Heel Inc. products will be available via distributors through the end of this year.

“Most of MediNatura’s products will be made in the same factory in New Mexico, following the same FDA-regulated practices, and by the same dedicated workers,” said Scott Mitchell, vice president of operations for MediNatura and ex-director of operations for Heel Inc.

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MediNatura will make available the following retail products: ClearLife (allergy), ReBoost (cold/flu), WellMind (calming, focus) and BodyAnew Cleanse. Additionally, MediNatura’s T-Relief (which relieves joint pain, back pain and muscular pain) and T-Relief Arthritis (for arthritis pain, joint pain and joint stiffness) will feature all-natural, active ingredients. The BHI line of products will remain unchanged.

For more information, visit www.medinatura.com.