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MHICN Collaborates on Innovative Study Focused on Methylation and Patient Outcomes

The Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition (MHICN, Gig Harbor, WA) recently announced an expanded clinical research program in collaboration with Erasmus Medical Center and ErasmusAGE (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). This project will expand the current work on cardiometabolic and women’s health issues to now include nutrigenomic and epigenomic influences on the health status in both aging population groups as well as in child development.

The focus of this new project will evaluate the role and influence of methylation status in population cohorts of more than 30,000 individuals over a 30-year period. Selected DNA samples over this time period have been collected and will evaluate specific effects that certain dietary and lifestyle practices played in DNA methylation and the resulting influence in cardiovascular and cognitive performance.

“This will be the first study and analysis of its kind using large population groups for better understanding of the role and influence that methylation processes play in health status and outcomes,” said Oscar Franco, MD, PhD, professor and executive director of the project.

This collaboration will be able to provide new insights in clinical practices and better understanding of nutrigenomic influences on health. “Methylation is a key biochemical process critical for proper functioning of nearly all the body’s systems,” said John Troup, PhD, chief science officer for Metagenics. “This ‘first of its kind’ assessment in large scale clinical nutrition studies will be essential in developing and supporting, targeted clinical solutions for the healthcare provider—and helping close the gap towards the goal of personalized and precision medicine.”

For more information, visit www.mhicn.com.