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Miracle Berry Products May Help Chemo Patients Recover Taste


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MiraBurst (Valhalia, NY) announced how products made from miracle berries may help chemotherapy patients who are suffering from taste loss rediscover the taste of food.

According to the company, about 50 percent of chemotherapy patients suffer a loss in taste or feel that certain foods taste metallic, and this shift in taste can be damaging, causing patients to lose their desire to eat and their ability to regain their strength.

MiraBurst Berries

Some products made from miracle berries are able to temporarily counteract the taste loss or taste disturbance experienced by certain chemo patients since MiraBurst products contain a special glycoprotein called miraculin, found only in miracle berries, reported the company. The miraculin attaches itself to the taste buds and temporarily alters the way certain tastes are perceived.

MiraBurst products, which are launching soon, can temporarily reduce taste disturbances and eliminate the “metal mouth” taste experienced by chemo patients, and after consuming a MiraBurst product, acidic or sour foods taste sweet for a short period of time, according to the company.

For more information, visit www.miraburst.com.