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MUIH Offers Cannabis Science Program Focused on Health, Wellness and Herbal Medicine


Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)’s Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cannabis Science: CannabidiolTherapeutics, Product Design and Quality Assurance educates students about products with an emphasis on health effects, safety, formulation and quality assurance. Through this graduate-level academic program students will gain knowledge and skills which are not typically provided by non-credit training programs, and which are valued by employers and important for advancement in the field, including research literacy, critical thinking and problem solving.

The program teaches the scientific basis of herbal medicine and engages students to develop innovative strategies for commercializing safe and effective products. Students develop the research literacy skills to identify and describe evidence-based clinical applications of cannabis. Unique to this program, students will explore ways to combine cannabis with other herbs to optimize health benefits and reduce risks.

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cannabis Science: Therapeutics, Product Design and Quality Assurance program provides education in the following areas:

  • Foundational knowledge of the endocannabinoid system
  • Cannabis research to inform appropriate therapeutic recommendations and to evaluate and design commercial products
  • CBD-dominant hemp-based dietary supplements and wellness products and THC-dominant medical and recreational marijuana
  • Optimizing health benefits and reducing risk combining herbal medicine and cannabis
  • Herbal medicine dispensary practices, quality assurance, and industry standards that support appropriate access to high-quality and safe cannabis-based products

Whether students seek to be employed in dispensaries and retail, processing and manufacturing, or as a clinician, “MUIH’s program provides the essential wellness concepts, the role of herbal medicine supporting the clinical endpoints for cannabis, and quality assurance practices so that a graduate can provide guidance on safe and effective use of cannabis products,” said Michael Bhodi Tims, PhD, program director, herbal product design and cannabis science at MUIH.

Processing and manufacturing are currently two areas where regulation, knowledge, and communication are greatly needed. MUIH’s Cannabis program provides the basics for understanding how to design quality, wellness-based products combining herbal medicine and cannabis-based material while complying with reputable standards such as good manufacturing practice (GMP), federal and state regulations, and third-party health and safety standards.

For more information, visit www.muih.edu.