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Natural Partners Broadens Its Wellness Portfolio to Include Acupuncture Needles and Supplies

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Natural Partners, Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) has broadened its portfolio to include acupuncture products and traditional oriental medicine supplies. Catering to the diverse needs of their clients, Natural Partners now provides an even more convenient way for health care practitioners to supply their practice and patients with professional-grade supplements and wellness products.

Traditional oriental medicine has been practiced globally for thousands of years and is a growing complementary therapy in the United States. Practitioners use acupuncture, acupressure and other ancient methods to address a variety of ailments, from acute pain to stress and anxiety. By offering acupuncture needles and supplies, Natural Partners demonstrates their continued support of integrative practitioners by providing easier access to high-quality products used in the delivery of care to their patients.

“This is an exciting time for Natural Partners as we expand our portfolio to better meet the needs of our practitioners,” said Joyce Ito, vice president marketing and business development at Natural Partners. “Acupuncture is a growing practice among integrative medical professionals, and we are privileged to be a trusted resource in this marketplace.”

Five premium practitioner-respected brands, including Shunli, SMC, Energy Flo, Peace and MTP, have been added to Natural Partners’ extensive portfolio of existing Chinese herbs. Through their customary, rigorous vetting process, Natural Partners selected acupuncture needle and supply brands that met their strict quality standards.

For more information, visit www.naturalpartners.com.