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New TRU NIAGEN PRO Launched for Expansive Distribution by Health Care Practitioners

Longevity By Nature

ChromaDex Corp. (Irvine, CA), an integrated, science-based, nutraceutical company devoted to improving the way people age with its flagship ingredient NIAGEN and consumer product TRU NIAGEN, has announced the launch of TRU NIAGEN, a partnership with Natural Partners Fullscript, and a new online NAD education hub for health care practitioners.

Tru Niagen Pro, which will be available exclusively for sale through health care practitioners, is the first of its kind, offering 60 capsules, each delivering 300 mg of Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR).

“I have dedicated my career to increasing patients’ NAD levels for multiple medical indications, health and longevity,” said Dr. Phillip Milgram, medical director of the NAD Treatment Center in San Diego, CA. “We are very excited to offer Tru Niagen Pro through our clinic. The growing body of science pointing to the importance of maintaining NAD levels via the use of daily supplementation of clinically proven precursors such as NR continues to build, and we are delighted to be associated with ChromaDex, the pioneers of NR development. We have a clinically proven dose of NR to deliver an effective increase in NAD in a single capsule.”

In addition to offering Tru Niagen Pro direct to practitioners, ChromaDex has entered into a newly signed distribution agreement with Natural Partners Fullscript (Scottsdale, AZ), making Tru Niagen products available to their extensive network of more than 40,000 health care practitioners.

“Tru Niagen uniquely addresses the most critical issues facing patients today and is proving to make a real positive difference in people’s lives,” said Fran Towey, Natural Partners Fullscript CEO. “We’re excited to be partnering with ChromaDex to bring its innovation to our Natural Partners Fullscript community as well as to bring Tru Niagen Pro exclusively to health care practitioners.”

Health care practitioners can also now have access to convenient online wholesale purchasing as well as a practitioner-exclusive education hub with a searchable, categorized database of the over 100 published pre-clinical and clinical studies detailing the ability of NAD and NR to support human health.

For more information, visit www.truniagen.com.