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OTA to Throw First-Ever #OrganicFestival on Social Media

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It’s party time at the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and for 10 straight days everyone’s invited, according to the Washington-D.C. based nonprofit group.

September is “Organic Month,” and OTA and its member companies are teaming up with other leading organic influencers to throw “Organic-Palooza,” a first-ever, 10-day social media festival that begins today and celebrates the benefits of organic, clears up confusion about what organic really stands for, and shares how and why consumers should incorporate more organic into their daily lives.

From affordability issues­ such as how families can create an at-home organic menu without breaking the budget, ­to the trustworthiness of organic ­through an explanation of the strict regulations and standards that go into growing and making every single organic product,­ the blitz, delivered by OTA and some 50 strategic partners, will delve into the biggest issues surrounding organic, bust a few myths, and provide an unprecedented and free-wheeling exchange of ideas and views and knowledge between top organic experts and “just normal folks”, reported the association.

“We are very excited to be engaging our members and the public in such a creative and accessible way to answer questions about organic,” said Laura Batcha, executive director and CEO, OTA. “Each day we’ll be focusing on one key organic topic in order to spark conversation and share as much knowledge as we can between organic news watchers and newsmakers and ultimately to help consumers make the best choices for their families.”

Social Media

Use the #OrganicFestival hashtag on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

Using the #OrganicFestival hashtag on its social media channels (@OrganicTrade on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), daily themes include nutrition, the latest trends in organic, organic standards and the meaning of the organic seal, affordability, organic’s role in mitigating global warming, a look at the latest research on organic and more.

Through recipes, meal-planning tips, and updates on organic fiber, consumers will be shown how to make organic a regular part of their lives. Special sessions will feature organic thought leaders including top food and nutrition writers and bloggers, organic policy and agricultural experts, and OTA members sharing their perspectives on policy, regulatory, and real-life concerns faced by the organic community, reported the OTA . The public will be introduced to organic visionaries who have helped make the organic industry a robust part of the American food and fiber sector.

A five-day Twitter party will be wrapped into the festival, with each party zeroing in on a specific organic focus and co-hosted by an expert in the subject. Each Twitter party will be sponsored by OTA members offering dozens of prizes to festival participants ranging from organic snacks and sauces to a basket of organic linen. Randomly selected Facebook fans sharing news about the festival with their friends will be awarded daily prizes donated by OTA member companies, as will selected Pinterest followers who repin the campaign image.

“This is the first time that OTA and its members have teamed up in an effort like this,” said Batcha. “We want individuals to be inspired and informed about organic, and we want to them to have fun!”

The following is the tentative line-up for Organic Palooza, #OrganicFestival.

Today: “Organic Affordability”

Tuesday, Sept. 9: “Where is Organic?”

Wednesday, Sept. 10: “Non-GMO and So Much More” + Twitter Party @5pm ET #OrganicFestival

Thursday, Sept. 11: “Is Organic Trustworthy?” + Twitter Party @4pm ET #OrganicFestival

Friday, Sept. 12: “Organic for Kids” + Twitter Party @4pm ET #OrganicFestival

Saturday, Sept. 13: “A Taste of Organic”

Sunday, Sept. 14: “Science Sunday: Climate Change”

Monday, Sept. 15: “Myth-busting Monday” + Twitter Party @4pm ET #OrganicFestival

Tuesday, Sept. 16: “Textile Tuesday: Beyond Food” + Twitter Party @4pm ET #OrganicFestival

Wednesday, Sept. 17: “Who is Organic?”

For more information, visit www.ota.com.