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Peggy Lillis Foundation For C.diff Education and Advocacy Launches Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

Longevity By Nature

The Peggy Lillis Foundation (PLF), a non-profit for C. diff education & advocacy, has announced the launch of C. diffits first ever Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide. These new educational materials have been made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Canada-based Bio-K Plus (Fermented Dairy Probiotic,), a division of Kerry. The guide has been created by Executive Director, Christian John Lillis, PLF advocates: Kee Buckley, Christina Fuhrman and Carol Raye, with the help of Shauna McQueen, MS RDN; and forwarded by Bruce Hirsch, MD. The materials aim to serve as a guide to individuals struggling with a Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) infection (CDI) in addition to assisting in the prevention of recurrences.

In the U.S. alone, at least half a million individuals suffer from a CDI each year; while an estimated 29,000 of those individuals lose their battles and pass due to complications. About one in five patients experience recurrent infections. And while C.diff can affect peoples of any age, sex or race, there are some additional risk factors associated with the potential contagion including being aged 65 or older, admission to intensive care units, and current/recent antibiotic use. While there is broad consensus on medical treatment for CDIs, , there is little agreement on what foods benefit patients the most during active C.diff infection, and which can help them recover. PLF brought top minds together from its Scientific Advisory Council and C.diff survivors to provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance for those suffering and in recovery. For those navigating a current C.diff infection, this new guide lays out all manner of suggestions from foods to focus on, foods to limit, tips for ensuring proper nutrition during this time, as well as more than 20 recipes.

Lillis said, “I am so pleased to release this important resource for C.diff patients and those in recovery. Food is primal. It’s a necessity of life. For so many C.diff patients, food can become the enemy. Even those who are getting good medical care are often at a loss for what to eat and drink. This guide begins to address the dearth of information by combining medical expertise, dietary guidance and first-hand knowledge from C.diff survivors.”

Included in the nutrition and lifestyle guide is information regarding emotional and physiological wellness as well as the physical implications of this life-threatening illness. This information will be a continued focus for PLF in future endeavors as plans are now in place to update and change information as new studies and discoveries are made for the treatment of C.diff infections. Some, but not all of the topics covered within this guide includes:

  • Guide to Acute C.diff Phase
    •  Navigating An Active C.diff Infection
  • Guide to Preventing Recurrence and Re-establishing Gut Health
  • Navigating the Emotional Impacts of C.diff
    •  Lifestyle-based suggestions
  • C.diff FAQs
  • Recipes

This free nutrition and lifestyle guide is now available for free to the public via download at https://peggyfoundation.salsalabs.org/nutritionguidesignup/index.html. Patients or individuals that are concerned about potential infections can also visit: https://peggyfoundation.org/c-diff-101/cdiff-101/ for further overviews, in depth information on current studies, legislation efforts and additional resources to keep abreast of.