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Pure Encapsulations Expands PureGenomics Platform

DaVinci Laboratories

Within every patient’s genome are opportunities to optimize health and wellness. Pure Encapsulations (Sudbury, MA) has announced the addition of the Antioxidant & Cellular Defense Protocol to its PureGenomics platform, enabling practitioners to evaluate patients’ genetic makeup and tailor nutritional supplement regimens that help bypass specific genetic variations, leading to optimized antioxidant status, detoxification and estrogen metabolism.*

PureGenomics combines educational tools, protocols and core products with a dynamic, practitioner-exclusive website application to help identify and address common genetic variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). The new Antioxidant & Cellular Defense Protocol, developed by functional medicine practitioner Dr. Nathan Morris and Pure Encapsulations nutritional pharmacologist Dr. Kelly Heim, identifies three specific SNPs that may negatively impact the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins, and provides specific protocols that can be used to enhance the metabolism of toxins in individuals with these common SNPs.*

“Our bodies are designed to produce specialized enzymes that dispose of waste created during our normal energy production and metabolic process,” explained Dr. Morris. “However, common genetic variations can affect how well those enzymes work, causing oxidative stress, meaning our natural antioxidants are limited and our bodies are not able to detoxify properly.”

The PureGenomics website application imports and analyzes a patient’s 23andMe genetic data, empowering health professionals to test, translate and target the most clinically relevant SNPs impacting detoxification with the right nutritional support.*

“The field of nutritional genomics is quickly becoming a valuable tool for healthcare providers, but it can be difficult for practitioners to translate pages of genetic results and to come up with the optimal solutions for each individual patient,” said Dr. Heim. “We’ve evaluated a number of studies to determine the most clinically relevant SNPs impacting detoxification, and are pleased to offer this new resource to practitioners to enable them to expand the use of personalized nutrition in their practices.”

The new Antioxidant and Cellular Defense Protocol is the third in the PureGenomics platform, and joins the existing Methylation and Vitamin A & D Protocols. The Methylation Protocol evaluates seven SNPs impacting the methylation pathway and is designed to support emotional wellness, cardiovascular health, and memory and neurocognitive health. The Vitamin A & D Protocol evaluates two SNPs and is designed to optimize vitamin A status to support immune function, ocular and cellular health, and vitamin D status to support bone, breast, prostate, cardiometabolic, colon and immune health.*

For more information, visit www.pureencapsulations.com or www.puregenomics.com.

Dr. Morris has been retained as a medical consultant in advising Pure Encapsulations. He is compensated for this service.

“23andMe” is the registered trademark of 23andMe, Inc.  Pure Encapsulations is not affiliated with 23andMe.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.