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Research Reveals Glyphosate, Aluminum in Vaccines Associated with Autism


Data compiled from multiple government sources reveals that the steadily rising epidemic of autism in the U.S. is directly correlated with the rising use of glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Roundup herbicide on American crops, according to NaturalNews.

According to the report, a research student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) put together several reports that reveal a corresponding increase between glyphosate use and autism incidence. The more glyphosate has become a standard chemical used on food crops, the more autism has become a problem, increasing in prevalence from about one in 5,000 people back in 1975 to one in 68 today.

Aluminum in Vaccines

Aluminum in Vaccines

NaturalNews reported the human microbiome, it turns out, is directly affected by glyphosate, which acts as an antibiotic in killing gut bacteria, and the symptoms of exposure mirror those of autism, which include things like inflammatory bowel syndrome, serotonin and melatonin deficiencies, defective aromatase, mineral deficiencies, mitochondrial disorders and seizures.

There are also a slew of other “inert” ingredients contained in the Roundup formula that act as amplifiers of glyphosate’s toxicity, not the least of which are its adjuvants. None of these adjuvants has ever been properly safety tested, yet data that does exist show that they greatly increase the toxicity of glyphosate, according to NaturalNews

According to the report, corresponding with the glyphosate-autism link is the toxic aluminum component found in many vaccines, which a separate report by the same MIT researcher outlines as a synergistic accelerator of disease. As she explains, vaccine aluminum further interferes with sulfate synthesis in the body, an effect also caused by just glyphosate alone that results in known symptoms of autism.

NaturalNews reported that practically all of what are considered to be the “classic” features of autism have some association with impaired sulfate synthesis in the brain. Aluminum is a toxic metal that interferes with this process, which is believed to occur during the night as people sleep, by accumulating in the brain and blocking the clearing of cellular debris.

Interestingly, sleep disorders like insomnia are directly linked to a range of neurological diseases that includes autism. According to data available through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), insomnia occurs much more frequently as an adverse reaction to vaccines that contain aluminum compared to those that don’t, an indication that the metal directly interferes with proper neurological function, according to NaturalNews.

For more information, visit www.naturalnews.com.