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Natural Partners, Inc.

8445 E. Hartford Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: (888) 633-7620 • Fax: (800) 862-1261
Email: info@naturalpartners.com
Website: www.naturalpartners.com and www.npscript.com

Natural Partners: A Trusted Resource

For the past 22 years, Natural Partners has been a trusted resource for health care practitioners and their patients. By connecting practitioners and patients with trusted products, services and education, Natural Partners hopes to advance to evolution of wellness throughout the community.

The Natural Partners portfolio includes more than 14,000 professional-grade products from hundreds of premium manufacturers, including Thorne Research, NeuroScience, Pure Encapsulations, Enzyme Science and many more. Plus, new brands are always being added to fulfill the needs of practitioners so they can better help their patients.

In addition to offering wholesale pricing to clients, Natural Partners also provides an innovative technology platform that allows practitioners to extend their practice beyond the boundaries of their office. With NP Script, health care practitioners can expand their inventory without additional overhead costs, earn incremental revenue and increase patient compliance. The award-winning NP Script online patient dispensary can be a complement to practitioner’s current physical supplement inventory, or can allow practitioners to provide their patients with supplements and wellness products using zero shelf space.

Under the connected care of a licensed health care practitioner, patients can easily log in to their doctor’s personalized storefront and order their recommended supplements, or receive a personalized e-script with product recommendations and dosing instructions. A practitioner’s NP Script site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be accessed on any device. Patients are delivered their practitioner-recommended products directly to their doorstep.

NP Script has revolutionized patient compliance for integrative medicine practitioners. Through their online dispensary practitioners, they can ensure patients are supplied with professional-grade supplements that align exactly with their treatment protocols, and can monitor compliance to those treatment plans. Health care practitioners can also utilize NP Script to communicate directly to patients via customized communication tools. Through this service, they can use e-scripting to send standardized, practitioner-curated protocol recommendations or customized templates to send email blasts to their patient database, making engagement with their patients even easier.

With NP Script, practitioners can expect the same exceptional concierge service that is quintessentially Natural Partners. The NP Script Concierge Team offers a range of services including demonstrations to highlight the benefits of the site. They can guide practitioners through the set-up process, or have a member of the NP Script team create the site for them. Patients will appreciate the same high-level of service with the option to place phone orders directly with a friendly and knowledgeable member of the NP Script team.

Natural Partners continues to incorporate innovative technology into their education, products and services. With the development of the NP Media team, Natural Partners is able to launch leading industry content using a variety of media and channels. NP Script is continually integrating technology into new features that make the dispensing platform even more helpful.

Whether you have a practice that maintains a physical on-site supplement inventory or are new to nutritional supplement recommendations and prefer a virtual, online patient dispensary via NP Script, Natural Partners is there for all health care practitioners. For more information about getting started with your online patient dispensary with NP Script, visit npscript.com. To learn more about Natural Partners, visit naturalpartners.com.

NP Script continues to use innovative technology to make the dispensing platform even more helpful for practitioners.

Recently, the NP Script team added a feature where practitioners can segment their patient database into groups and send them customized communications and discounts. For example, one group could include all patients with thyroid conditions. This patient group can receive targeted email blasts with relevant information.

• Site customization: The NP Script platform allows practitioners to incorporate their own branding into their dispensary to maintain continuity for their patients. Interactive banners, logos and social media links can be added to their site.