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2017 Company Profiles: Natural Partners

8445 E. Hartford Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: (888) 633-7620
Fax: (800) 862-1261
Email: info@naturalpartners.com
Websites: www.naturalpartners.com; www.npscript.com

Natural Partners Helps You, So You Can Better Help Your Patients

Natural Partners, Inc. is a resource for practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness by providing education and professional-grade products to health care practitioners and their patients. For more than 22 years, Natural Partners has researched trusted brands and welcomed them into their portfolio, currently offering more than 14,000 premium products from hundreds of high-quality manufacturers. Natural Partners is comprised of passionate and committed people who work with thousands of health care practitioners every week to help them maintain an efficient, seamless ordering system that ensures their patients get the supplements they need, when they need them, in a way they love.

The Natural Partners team has fostered long-lasting relationships (some decades long!) with manufacturers that align with Natural Partners’ values of high quality. Many brands are distributed exclusively through Natural Partners, such as Thorne Research, Enzyme Science, Restorative Formulations, CW Hemp and many more. In addition to exclusive brands, the Natural Partners portfolio features hundreds of premier brands such as Pure Encapsulations, NeuroScience, Vital Nutrients and Designs for Health. Through these strong partnerships Natural Partners has become a trusted distributor for practitioners across the U.S.

NP Script: Embracing the Next Evolution in Patient Care

An innovative and popular service by Natural Partners is NP Script, a free virtual patient dispensary that has revolutionized patient compliance for integrative medicine practitioners. Practitioners can extend their care beyond the bounds of their office by ensuring their patients are supplied with supplements that align with their treatment protocols. Under the connected care of a licensed health care practitioner, patients can easily log in to their doctor’s personalized storefront and order supplements under their recommended treatment plan, as well as access thousands of products that cater to their wellness needs. Practitioners can send personalized recommendations directly to their patients with an E-script, which is sent directly to their patient’s inbox. The patient can then add their practitioner’s recommendations directly into their cart for purchase from their practitioner’s online dispensary. Plus, physicians can utilize NP Script to market to their patients with customized communication tools. Through this service they can use templates to send email blasts to their database, making engagement with their patients even easier.

The Friendly Faces Behind Natural Partners

Though they have made waves as a leader in the industry, there is more to Natural Partners than just supplying professional-grade products. Its commitment to unparalleled customer service, building lasting relationships with leading brands to support practitioners and their patients, and being an educational resource for the wellness community has helped shape the way they do business. Natural Partners listens to practitioners and strives to find solutions to meet their needs. The company is proud to provide additional services to their valued customers that help make embracing world wellness more convenient, and more fun.

The visionary leadership of the company’s executive team focuses its attention on creating more convenient services for the wellness community. The leadership team includes:

• Tye Smith, Founder
• Fran Towey, President and CEO
• Tim Engvall, Chief Operations Officer
• Derek Lurth, Chief Financial Officer
• Ellen Hahn, Chief Marketing Officer
• Dianna Smith, Chief Relationship Officer
• Steve Clark, Vice President of Information Technology
• Leeta Radcliff, Vice President of Talent and Culture
• Charles Stredney, Senior Director, Quality Assurance and Business Process Management
• Laura Koury, Executive Assistant

Natural Partners knows that caring for patients takes a tribe, and the team of Natty Ps is here to help practitioners, so they can more readily help their patients. Join Natural Partners in the quest to welcome world wellness!