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SFI Invests in a Bright Future for Klaire Labs

DaVinci Laboratories

Following the acquisition of Klaire Labs and sister companies ProThera, Inc. and Complementary Prescriptions, Soho Flordis International’s (SFI) investment in a brand new, purpose-built facility in Reno, NV is tangible evidence of its vision to empower clinicians with the highest quality, pure and potent natural supplements.

“SFI’s investment is pivotal to continuous improvement, efficient scaling, and ready assimilation of new products and increased demand,” said Global Head of Operations Eric Dripps, who oversaw the development of the new facility.

The 75,000-square-foot manufacturing facility boasts state-of-the-art automation, greatly expanded air and temperature-controlled probiotics storage, as well as increased capacity to support and fuel the company’s aggressive new product development and expansion strategies well into the future. Although certainly the most tangible of SFI’s ongoing investment in quality and capabilities, the company’s dedication to reliable outcomes is evident throughout the culture as well.

“Starting with the very early planning and development phases, we kept both our philosophical vision and practitioners’ expectations at the fore front,” said Dripps. “The technology we have employed vastly reduces the potential for human error, integrates cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) quality practices throughout, and allows us to expand efficiently in response to the growing demand for high quality, reliable natural health care options.”

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For more information, www.meetklaire.com.