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SharePractice Now Builds Global Medical Consensus on the Web

Doctor Computer Doctor on Computer for SharePractice

SharePractice recently announced that physicians can now access the popular iOS platform through the web. The new web browser version of the integrative medicine app will allow doctors who use a desktop computer or iPad while seeing patients to consult SharePractice in their workflow at the point of care, without having to reach for their iPhone. Now, any desktop connection is all a doctor needs to quickly leverage the real-time consensus of the global medical community to make better treatment decisions.

“SharePractice will be as valuable to medicine as Facebook is to your social life. Doctors will not be able to practice without it,” said Dr. Aaron Blackledge, an early adopter and physician in San Francisco, CA. “Web based access is the next logical progression for this game-changing product to ensure broader access and integration into doctors’ workflows.”

While other clinical references focus solely on allopathic drugs and evidence-based research, SharePractice sees this as the starting line. The company spent the first stages of its development building a comprehensive medical ontology that maps treatments to diagnoses and gives the product data parity with other reference tools. SharePractice’s unique offering is that verified clinicians rate and review all of these treatments based on their professional experience. And since verified users can add their own treatments and protocols for review, SharePractice has become the only evidence-based, crowd- sourced repository for the integration of conventional and non-conventional treatments.

Until now, doctors have collaborated via phone, text message, email or forums. The problem is that all of these valuable opinions are lost since they are not structured for quick use at the point of care. By structuring doctors’ opinions within a clinical reference, SharePractice is bringing social validation to some of the world’s most critical decisions. .

With the announcement of the new web app, SharePractice is pushing further into every doctor’s tool kit. All over the world, patients are roughly the same, but medical education varies dramatically. We see this as a significant opportunity for physicians to join together in a manner that is constructive for themselves, their patients and all of humanity. Better medicine means a better world.

SharePractice is completely free for use by licensed clinicians, residents and medical students. The company monetizes by selling anonymized sentiment analysis to treatment companies, payers, and providers who take an active interest in how their products are used and perceived by the professionals who know them best.

For more information, visit www.sharepractice.com.