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New Brown University Study Promotes Fish Oil for Anti-Aging

Longevity By Nature

A new study conducted by scientists at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Providence, RI) suggests that taking fish oil supplements may help preserve brain volume and cognitive function.

The study was based on data from 229 cognitively normal men and women, 397 patients with mild cognitive impairment and 193 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, according to FoodConsumer.org.

As a normal aging process, a human’s brain volume gets smaller and cognitive function declines. For this study, neuropsychological tests and brain imaging were conducted every six months to assess global cognitive function, cerebral cortex gray matter and hippocampus and ventricular volumes.

As a result, fish oil supplementation was found to be associated with a significantly lower mean cognitive decline on the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale and higher Mini-Mental State Examination scores among participants with normal cognitive function, reported FoodConsumer.org.

For more information, visit www.foodconsumer.org/newsite/Nutrition/Supplements/fish_oil_supplements_brain_volume_cognitive_function_0624141020.html.