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Tools Of The Trade

Longevity By Nature

Diagnostic Assistance

Illinois-based Doctor’s Data, Inc. (DDI) is a clinical laboratory founded in 1972, as part of Miller Pharmaceutical, Inc., a dietary supplements supplier to complementary medical practitioners.When George Hickok, then leader of Miller, left the company, he took ownership of DDI with him, continuing to serve the natural practitioner market in a more specific way.

DDI’s first series of lab tests were devoted to the measurement of both toxic and nutritional element levels in various human biological specimens. These analyses were seen as a tool to glimpse into the biochemical processes of the human metabolism and resultant imbalances that might be implicated in chronic health conditions. “Chronic conditions are generally addressed poorly by traditional medicine,” said Douglas A. Fields, the company’s vice president of sales and administration. “DDI’s roots in the nutrition business gave it direction to become a leader in providing a diverse array of lab testing to complementary practitioners of all types.” 

The company has been adding to and improving its capabilities for more than 40 years. Today, DDI offers scores of distinct tests across five key categories:

• Clinical Microbiology—a complete suite of tests for infections and gastrointestinal health, including digestive and absorptive functions, inflammatory and immunological markers, identification of pathogens, parasites, other specific bacteria and yeast, followed by susceptibilities where indicated;

• Toxic and Essential Elements—in hair, urine, fecal and blood tests to provide a comprehensive analysis of element levels;

• Nutritional—including iodine, other halides, fatty acids, vitamin and amino acid levels;

• Environmental Exposure and Detoxification—measures of hepatic function, oxidative stress, porphyrins and other markers; and

• Cardiovascular—complete profiles and oxidized LDL analysis for early identification of risk.

The company utilizes the groundbreaking MALDI Biotyper system to reliably and accurately identify thousands of bacteria, yeast and mycotoxins. The system identifies microorganisms using MALDI-TOF (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization with time-of-flight) mass spectrometry to recognize an organism’s unique molecular fingerprint. The technology has revolutionized microbial identification in laboratories worldwide, according to Fields. “By measuring the highly abundant proteins found in all microorganisms, and matching their characteristic patterns to an extensive open database, the MALDI Biotyper determines the identity of microorganisms down to the species level,” he said.

In addition, DDI has one of the most robust quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) programs in the laboratory industry, designed to insure the precision and accuracy of results, according to Fields. The QA/QC program includes, but is not limited to, the employment of the most highly trained personnel suited for each position, ongoing training and accountability, written standard operating procedures for virtually every scientific and/or records function in the laboratory, successful participation in numerous external proficiency programs, utilization of the most advance scientific instrumentation available, calibration verification and monitoring standards, laboratory controls, spiked samples and laboratory duplicates, all housed within a state-of-theart facility and appropriately licensed and audited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and relevant state authorities.

“DDI is very proud that we have the most value-oriented offering of laboratory tests available today.We have reinvested our profits into productivity enhancers so that the prices of our testing can remain lower than any other company in our genre,” said Fields.“Our services assist in the diagnostic process.As all outstanding practitioners realize, satisfied patients are the prime driver of professional gratification and resultant financial success. DDI is proud to offer a service, which contributes to that outcome.”

Deciphering Biological Preferences

Having studied and practiced holistic medicine for more than a decade, Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, a licensed acupuncturist, recognized that energetic communication is a powerful way to gain insights into body functions.Realizing the type of equipment that he wanted to have as a practitioner was simply not available, he began developing his technology in 2001, organized his Utah-based company, ZYTO, in 2005, and began marketing the technology to practitioners in 2007.

“Development of the technology came as a result of another practitioner that used an early form of energetic communication to help me identify and then use a homeopathic remedy to treat my allergy,” said Dr. Cook, ZTYO CEO. “Having seen firsthand the power of this healing approach, I wanted to help others to experience the same type of natural healing.”

ZYTO is a technology company that produces health-related software and equipment to facilitate decision-making about health care and wellness. The technology is based on the body’s ability to respond to subtle stimuli. Using the body’s natural energetic field, a communication link is established between the patient and the computer via the ZYTO hand cradle, which is registered with the FDA as a medical device. Through this connection, ZYTO sends stimuli and then records the body’s response. This conversation is called biocommunication, and it provides insights into health and wellness.

“The information gathered through this energetic communication provides practitioners with a new source of information they can use as they develop treatment plans for their patients,” explained Dr. Cook. “This new form of communication provides practitioners with insights into the biological preference of their patients—providing a customized, personal program that is unique to each individual patient.” 

ZYTO Elite, the company’s flagship product, gives licensed practitioners access to the maximum range of biocommunication and provides versatility—whether they are seeing a patient for only a few minutes or giving a significant amount of time, according to Dr. Cook. Many Elite users develop new protocols and biosurveys that address difficult health challenges and root-cause issues.

“With the Elite, practitioners have access to an extensive library containing homeopathy, Chemicals, heavy metals, nosodes, sarcodes, environmental antigens and more. Each library item is in the form of what’s called a VSI (virtual stimulus item),” he explained. “These VSIs are used in protocols called biosurveys and with the Elite they can organize and include them on-the-fly during a scan, or can create and save biosurveys ahead of time. This will save time and give practitioners the ability to hand off the scanning process to an assistant. They can even share biosurveys with other practitioners.”

Another tool is ZYTO’s EVOX, which provides Perception Reframing, a technique that facilitates a different way to seeing a circumstance, an opportunity, a problem or a relationship.It uses the voice to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance. It then analyzes that map, called a Perception Index (PI), and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to the level of awareness and allow it to be reframed.

“The EVOX records the energy of the voice and plots it into a PI, which gives the person a visual image of their perception as it pertains to the topic discussed,” said Dr. Cook. “With EVOX it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at a conscious and subconscious level.Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality and is used to improve any aspect of human performance.”

TCM Technology

Practitioners seeking technology application of traditional Chinese medicine principals to integrate into their practices finally have a viable option thanks to AVAZZIA, Inc. in Texas.The company was founded in January of 2004 for the purposes of designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing scientifically advanced, FDA accepted devices in the fields of micro-current electro-medicine and biofeedback electro-stimulation technology, utilizing its patented Biofeedback Electro- Stimulation Technology (BEST). It has been providing the Meridian Energy Analysis Device (M.E.A.D.), made by Medpex in Taiwan, to the natural and integrative medicine practitioner markets since 2005.

Benjamin Soong, vice president of international sales with AVAZZIA, explained that Medpex was initially approached in 1994 by the then president of the Taiwan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association to develop a device based upon the Japanese system of Ryodoraku, the discovery by a research group in Japan that found that abnormalities or diseases of the viscera are reflected in measurable changes of bio-electric current of the 12 primary meridians and to points called source points, or yuan points, corroborating with the traditional Chinese meridian theory.

“Ryodoraku marked the first time the Chinese meridian phenomenon was sampled in large scale, long-term clinical research and validated by Western medical practitioners,” said Soong. “With a clinical database accumulated in excess of a half century, and the latest advances in computer technology,Medpex continues to make strides in measurement technology and analytical interpretations.” 

M. E.A.D. comes in four different models, with ME-20 the preferred model by most practitioners and clinicians as it contains volumes of information that empowers them in their practice. Soong noted that the M. E.A.D. is not a diagnostic device as it is not intended to diagnose a particular disease or medical condition. Rather, it is a precision analytical tool that assists users to determine if there is an energy imbalance associated with each of the 12 primary meridians.

Medpex holds three patents that enable the M.E.A.D. to produce and reproduce accurate analysis:

• Constant Pressure Detecting Module (CPDM)—a pressure-regulated measuring electrode that allows users to measure within the ideal range of 120-140 grams of pressure. Consistent pressure is needed to give reproducible results. It is made with medical grade stainless steel SU316.

• Stabilizing palm ground clamp—avoids hand-held pressure variance versus other devices as commonly seen with long, metal tube bar.

• NIC cotton—a conductive medium with sodium ion-rich property to enhance conductivity, its uniform density ensures measurement consistency.

“No one besides Medpex as yet is able to come up with the hardware that is not only compatible, but required for the quality data collection it performs. Coming up with a hardware that is acceptable by strict international standards is a monumental task, not to mention the investments in time and money to get them there,” said Soong. “One of the major enhancements in the M.E.A.D. sixth generation products is the totally redesigned CPDM II. It is now made with the best wiring material available with industrial grade connections, and the stainless steel is medical grade SU316. It has a built-in LED indicator for instant data quality indication.” 

Soong noted that practitioners can anticipate a return on investment ranging from one to six months for the ME-20, and the benefits reported by users include but are not limited to:

• Comprehensive analysis from only three minutes of guided, non-invasive measurement procedure;

• Quick determination for probable causes;

• Individualized report generates patient referrals; and

• Complementary tool for noninvasive electrotherapy such as AVAZZIA’s BEST device.

Decoding Test Results

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a teenager, Dr. Michael Wald, president of Blood Logic, Inc. in New York and director of nutrition at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, was motivated to learn about all areas of health and disease prevention and treatment. Recognizing early in his professional practice that information was changing rapidly and new nutritional supplements, laboratory and other tests were put in use and developed daily, Dr.Wald created Blood Detective nutritional software to allow health care providers to quickly, accurately and expertly provide their patients with personalized dietary and nutritional supplement advice.

“I felt a nutritional interpretation/diagnostic software program was needed because even the smartest of practitioners could not keep track of new tests and their potential nutritional and health implications. But software would allow rapid and accurate interpretation and recommendations of foods, nutritional products, testing, drug interactions, meaning of tests (nutritional and medical) and patient communication e-mail letters,” he explained. “Comprehensive patientpractitioner reports are needed so that the patient recognizes that they are unique and that they literally need a ‘healthy care or longevity guide’ written for them—and this is what 

The Blood Detective software program generates for patients.” The Blood Detective Professional Edition, patent-pending computer technology based upon 22 years of research and clinical experience, as well as research conducted on Medline and the Cochrine Data base in addition to medical and referenced nutritional textbooks, has gone through at least six updates since its inception. The software allows patients and practitioners to “focus-in” on the health needs of individuals reducing Years of guesswork and wasted efforts. The benefit is nutritionally based health care that goes beyond generalizations and standard treatments, said Dr.Wald. 

The practitioner inputs the results of the patient’s blood, urine, saliva and other test results into the program (i.e. one test or up to 170 tests) and chooses the options that they would like the report to include. A Wellness Model is employed, where the Blood Detective system compares the results of comprehensive laboratory tests against medical laboratory ranges, known as “clinical ranges,” but also against “healthy ranges” (a.k.a. functional ranges). Healthy ranges are blood values based upon maintaining the health of body tissues, rather than merely detecting disease once it is present. “In other words, the healthy or functional values are predictive and preventative in nature. Clinical and Healthy (functional) approaches are both important, and are considered equally valuable in the context of a Blood Detective Interpretive Report … and recommendations given,” explained Dr.Wald.

When the patient’s test results are inputted in the program, the practitioner selects supplement companies (can choose from one company or a dozen) so that nutritional supplements are recommended for the patient based on their biochemical uniqueness—providing true biochemical individuality treatment.In addition, a 10-day breakfast, lunch, dinner food plan can be chosen for the patient based upon their blood work.

Further, complementary tests, like allergy screening and microscopic surveys or analyses of amino acids, essential fatty acids, hormones and pH levels, may be suggested, but only after Blood Detective determines whether performing these tests might actually yield information that is useful, or that otherwise could not be determined directly from blood analysis.

“When medical doctors order ‘standard tests,’ the results may give only a glimpse of the total picture missing vital clues to health problems. The Blood Detective technology evaluates standard blood results and other important laboratory measurements from a holistic and medical perspective often uncovering obvious and subtle nutritional imbalances,” said Dr.Wald. “Blood and other body tissues hold clues to your state of health.Within these living streams may be the answers to a current medical crisis or the silent warning signs of a developing disease— if you know where and how to look.”

Healthy Take Aways

DDI offers scores of distinct tests across five key categories: Clinical Microbiology, Toxic and Essential Elements, Nutritional, Environmental Exposure and Detoxification, and Cardiovascular.

ZYTO produces health-related software and equipment, based on the body’s ability to respond to subtle stimuli, to facilitate decision making about health care and wellness.

AVAZZIA provides M.E.A.D., a precision analytical tool that assists users to determine if there is an energy imbalance associated with each of the 12 primary meridians.

Blood Detective nutritional interpretation/ diagnostic software program quickly and accurately provides practitioners personalized dietary and nutritional supplement advice for patients.


AVAZZIA, Inc., (214) 575-2820, www.avazzia.com

Blood Logic, Inc., www.blooddetective.com, www.intmedny.com

Doctor’s Data, Inc., (800) 323-2784, www.doctorsdata.com

ZYTO, (866) 369-2265, www.zyto.com