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True Health Launches Comprehensive Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity Testing

DaVinci Laboratories

True Health has announced that it is now offering comprehensive testing for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. When medically necessary, this testing will provide clinicians useful diagnostics to determine the specific cause of symptoms reported as a gluten sensitivity.

Despite an increasing awareness of celiac disease, the Celiac Disease Foundation states that approximately 80 percent of individuals in the United States with celiac disease are undiagnosed. Gluten-related conditions, including celiac disease, wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, may produce identical symptoms, making accurate diagnosis challenging and potentially causing unnecessary suffering among those who experience symptoms.

“Public awareness of gluten-related disorders is rising. Many patients self-initiate a gluten-free diet, which may be medically unnecessary, expensive, and could result in weight gain or nutritional deficiencies,” said Bobbie Sutton, MD, PhD, vice president and laboratory director at True Health. “Our tests provide clinicians with actionable results that help identify a patient’s gluten-related sensitivity and help determine the appropriate next steps.”

The True Health Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Profile incorporates seven U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved specific wheat-based serologic markers that can differentiate wheat allergy, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Biomarkers included are available to order as individual tests, or as a comprehensive profile to help provide simultaneous diagnostic information about multiple conditions in a single blood draw. Results from True Health’s comprehensive testing offer a gateway to additional clinical assessment and effective patient management.

“Patients with gluten-related disorders often suffer in silence,” said Chris Grottenthaler, CEO of True Health. “Our aim is to provide the diagnostic insight that can help providers gain clarity about the specific cause of symptoms, allowing them to design a treatment plan that offers symptom relief and improved patient care.”

For more information, visit https://truehealthdiag.com/gluten.