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A Place For Good Health


Large and small, new and established, these wellness centers provide sanctuaries for those seeking a range of health goals.

Whether the guest or patient stays an hour, a day or weeks, ultimately wellness centers are committed to creating sustainable wellness. Treatment strategies can vary wildly, but these centers take an integrative approach even utilizing what are considered “alternative therapies.”

Lifestyle changes are encouraged through diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management as well as the use of a variety of non-invasive modalities such as acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition counseling, and even an equine program. What’s in common is that patients are encouraged to become pro-active in their journey toward true health and optimal wellness.

Premier Family Chiropractic
Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 661-4101
Founded: 2007

Premier Family Chiropractic uses a “whole person approach” when taking care of patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state-of-the-art physiotherapy procedures, and promoting the use of natural vitamins and mineral supplements, the chiropractic center helps accelerate and/or maintain the patient’s journey to optimal health.

“Premier Family Chiropractic takes pride in providing patients with the highest quality chiropractic care,” said Jenny Cain, the center’s marketing director. “The state-of-the-art facilities make it possible to deliver complete onsite rehabilitation for personal injury.” 

The center’s treatments address a variety of different pain management and personal injury rehabilitation needs. Conditions treated include pulled muscles, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, auto accident injuries, and workrelated injuries, according to Cain.

The center also features an array of Nano Nutritional Products. “These are non-GMO (genetically modified organism), superfood supplements that are designed to be easily absorbed into the body,” Cain added. “Nanos provide for a variety of nutritional needs while tasting phenomenal! This makes it easy for our clients to get the necessary daily nutrition the body needs to be able function at its maximum potential.” 

Nutritional cleanse packages are also offered to help patients reach their weight-loss and wellness goals. The durations range from nine, 16, and 30 days, and can be customized to suit individual needs. “These are not your typical ‘flush’ cleanses; instead, the focus is on gently detoxifying the body while stimulating the metabolism with the highest quality, natural ingredients that are available,” Cain explained.

Wellness Advancements

“In today’s hectic society, it can be extremely difficult for families to maintain a healthy diet; however, some of the latest scientific breakthroughs have given us the capability to provide critical nutrition to our clients in a convenient, delicious, and impactful way,” Cain said.

What makes the center stand out is that it is a full-service chiropractic and wellness clinic, according to Cain. “Chiropractic care supports the foundation of our body; a healthy nervous system and spine provide the groundwork for achieving optimal health. We further complement this care by offering nutritional services to help our clients lead a healthy lifestyle.

“Our staff members are warm and friendly, always welcoming, and our patients adore the owner, Dr. Quinn Uzelman. He is a graduate of Life University and has continued to pursue higher education in his field,” Cain noted. “Our mission is to allow as many families as possible to reach and maintain their optimal health potential through quality chiropractic care.”

Canyon Ranch
Tucson, AZ
Phone: (888) 873-1991
Founded: 1979

Canyon Ranch has been noted as a leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations, with destination spa resorts, a beachfront hotel and spa and SpaClub day facilities. Estabished in 1979, the spa has received awards and accolades for its innovative approach to health and fitness, and for its relaxing spa environments. With locations in Tuscon, Lenox, MA, Miami, FL and Las Vegas, NV, every Canyon Ranch venue remains true to its healthy lifestyle goals and visionbased history.

“Through select partnerships, philanthropy and community connections, we demonstrate our continuing commitment to exploring new possibilities and furthering our mission,” said Alexandra Williams, social media and public relations specialist at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. “This dedication is shared by our diverse, talented and highly qualified professional staff— including many authors and sought-after speakers who inspire people to discover their potential for a healthier and more fulfilled life.” 

Recent Additions

In support of its expanded spirituality program, Canyon Ranch in Tuscan opened a new 3,000-square-foot Spiritual Wellness Center in February 2014 within its Health & Healing courtyard. The Spiritual Wellness Center features three consulting rooms, a sanctuary for independent meditation and a quiet room for reflection. Phase II of this project includes the addition of a zen garden, which is expected to be completed in Fall 2014.

“We’ve also renovated some space on the property in support of our expanded creative arts offerings—there is now a dedicated ‘wet’ room for activities such as pottery (includes a throwing wheel), painting and making your own bathing products as well as a ‘dry’ room for journaling, sketching and poetry,” said Williams.

Notable Programs 

A Canyon Ranch stay can be anything its clientele wants it to be—pleasurably relaxing, intensely active or focused and intentional, Williams noted. “Our selection of powerful and engaging programs guarantee something for everyone. Guests can benefit from a structured week at Canyon Ranch’s exclusive Life Enhancement Center in Tucson, or work on effective weight loss and lifelong healthy weight management. They can also address a specific health concern, train for a marathon, or just begin an exercise plan.

“Our most popular programs are the Life Enhancement Program, Weight Loss Program, and our Executive Health Program,” Williams noted. “Additionally, you will find Featured Events, which are themed seasonal, local, and are engaging and simply fun to enjoy during a stay.” 

Recently, Canyon Ranch has partnered with the Rancho Bosque equestrian center in Tuscan to offer the Equine Inspiration workshops for visitors to experience the powerful energy of the deep spiritual connection between horse and human in this immersive workshop with Allan Hamilton, MD, a Harvard-trained brain surgeon and author of the award-winning book Zen Mind, Zen Horse. The program was developed by Dr. Hamilton and is based on a system of ground-based work with horses. By engaging right-brain (intuitive) function in your interactions with the horse, guests focus on personal growth, creativity and spiritual enlightenment. No previous experience with horses is required and riding is not part of the program.

“As the leader in providing a holistic, integrative health and wellness experience that encompasses body, mind and spirit, Canyon Ranch aims to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life,” said Williams. “Canyon Ranch guests discover so much more than a traditional spa experience. Every visit can be customized for personal interests, pleasures and goals. In fact, Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman has dubbed this distinction the Special Personalized Adventure. Expert program advisors help guests enjoy the spa of their dreams, planning a schedule that perfectly reflects their preferences, goals and interests.” 

Canyon Ranch staffs board-certified physicians with degrees from top institutions across the country. Specialties include sleep medicine, integrated medicine and holistic medicine among others.

New services and activities coming this summer include:

• Aerial Yoga: A combination of yoga and acrobatics, this practice allows you to explore asanas from a supportive “hammock” (a strong loop of material that hangs from the ceiling). You’ll experience less joint compression during inversions like handstand and a greater range of motion during hip-opening poses like half pigeon, thanks to the hammock’s stretchiness.

• Kangoo Jumps: Put some bounce into your fitness routine! Kangoo Jumps improve stability, flush your lymphatic system, and enjoy reduced impact on joints, all while getting an amazing cardio workout.

• Indigenous spa services

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa
Miami, FL
Phone: (305) 935-7131
Founded: 1975

For over 30 years, more than 100,000 guests worldwide have come to the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa both to prevent and reverse problems such as excess weight, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer risk factors. More than 10 million people have read Pritikin’s 10 best-selling books. Pritikin’s one-and two-week lifestyle-change programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, and focus on daily exercise and an eating plan based on natural, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood and limited lean meat. Guests enjoy five gourmet meals and snacks daily, such as grilled lobster, roasted bison, wild mushroom risotto, and chocolate mousse.

New Programs 

Pritikin programs are constantly evolving to reflect the latest ground-breaking health, nutrition and medical research. One new program that Pritikin offered this year was “Cooking 101- Simply Healthy.” This program was designed for individuals who love to eat healthily, but don’t think they have the time to cook. The program shows Pritikin guests how to keep it simple in the kitchen, with hands-on cooking classes featuring recipes that can be made at home with six ingredients or less in just 30 minutes each.

Pritikin is allinclusive. All lectures, exercise classes, medical services, meals, and hotel accommodations are part of one fee. Pritikin offers one-week stays, two-weeks stays and longer. The all-inclusive program includes one-on-one counseling with board certified physicians, life-renewing nutrition and lifestyle seminars, stress-management workshops, practical courses like cooking and restaurant dining, exercise classes based on an individuals’ personal fitness prescription, intimate sessions on challenges like conquering food compulsions and deliciously healthy dining. Additionally, Pritikin also offers several specialty programs including a comprehensive family program (two weeks), corporate retreats (a few days or longer), culinary university (two weeks), diabetes retreat (two weeks), smoking cessation program (one week), taste of Pritikin (one week), and a stress management program (one week). All of Pritikin’s programs are developed based on the latest health/medical research, and assessed through highquality studies in prestigious medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine and Circulation. In fact, over the past 30-plus years, more than 115 studies published on thousands of guests at the Pritikin Longevity Center have documented unparalleled results.

Evolving Wellness

The center constantly tweaks its programs based on the latest health and medical research. One recent advancement is that Medicare now pays for Pritikin’s nutrition- and-exercise programs, for qualifying individuals with a history or risk of cardiovascular events. This decision makes the Pritikin the only residential healthylifestyle education program in the country to offer Medicarecovered intensive cardiac rehabilitation (ICR).

One key difference is Pritikin’s strong scientific background. More than 100 studies have been published in peerreviewed medical journals over the past 35 years validating the success of the Pritikin Program. No other resort has Pritikin’s scientific efficacy. In fact, most have no research proving their program works. Another key difference is that Pritikin is in an environment unto itself. Guests will never, for example, be sitting next to someone eating prime rib and cheesecake. They will be spending their days with people just like themselves—people focused on a better, healthier life. This camaraderie can make a real difference in their own personal motivation, and in the results they achieve.

Staff and Guests 

Pritikin’s demographic is vast, from 8-yearolds in the summer Family Health Camp to centenarians. However, the great majority of Pritikin guests are in their 40s, 50s and 60s. All kinds of people come to Pritikin. Some individuals come to lose excess weight, while some come to conquer health challenges like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Many individuals who are in great shape also come to Pritikin, for the sole purpose of learning how to stay healthy. For many Pritikin guests, the overriding goal is the same, and can be summed up as: “I want to live long and well, and Pritikin gives me the best chance for making that happen.” All describe their experience as transformative.

Many of Pritikin’s doctors and educators have been at the resort 10-plus years, and Pritikin’s faculty are leaders in the fields of medicine, nutrition, psychology and exercise. Currently, Pritikin has six physicians on staff, all board-certified in fields such as cardiology and endocrinology, to provide each guest with the expert medical attention required for achieving major life changes smoothly and successfully. Pritikin also employs PhD-degreed dietitians, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, licensed psychologists and award-winning chefs.

Value to Clientele

The entire Pritikin program is set up to give guests the tools necessary to successfully maintain Pritikin on the homefront. Cooking classes teach guests strategies for preparing healthy, tasty food. Nutrition workshops focus on real-world experiences, like dining out and food shopping, complete with field trips to restaurants and grocery stores. Exercise classes are not complex regimens that would never work in regular life. Instead, the exercise plan guests learn at Pritikin is simple, practical and easy to weave into daily life at home. Finally, Pritikin’s behavioral workshops provide guests with the cognitive skills to break through barriers that may have hindered them in the past, like stress or binge eating. Programs at Pritikin teach guests that they are capable of change and that it’s a lot easier and quicker than they ever thought possible.

The Pritikin Health and Weight-Loss Program is the longest-running, most successful lifestyle enhancement program in America. Surrounded by 650 acres of lush tropical garden and championship golf courses, Pritikin is many things:

• A health, wellness and weight-loss center

• An educational institution in healthy living

• A nutrition and fitness center with an outstanding spa

• A physician-driven medical diagnostic center

• A world-class research institution

Evolve Restorative Therapy
Westfield, NJ
Phone: (908) 233-2226
Founded: 2007

Evolve Restorative Therapy is a place to help patients eliminate pain as well as enhance performance, whether it be a seasoned athlete, weekend warrior or a parent that wants to be able to play with their kids and keep up with their active lives. Although the location is relatively small, it offers an environment filled with lots of love—a home away from home, said licensed massage therapist and owner, Patrick Lerouge. It features a small gym area, one treatment room and a meditation studio.

According to Lerouge, Evolve Restorative Therapy has been growing steadily since 2007. Holding a “vast array” of certificates, from trigger point work, spa treatments, deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular release and motor point sequence, Lerouge said he created the “Live Pain-Free” process designed to help people live life free of pain physically, mentally and emotionally. The most recent development to the program is the Become Pain-Free program, an online system that is the first step of the Live Pain-Free process. “It was designed to help people eliminate physical pain in the comfort of their home,” he explained. Guided step modules are delivered by email that focus on teaching patients key steps to eliminating pain and getting their body working efficiently.

Treatment Options 

Working alongside Lerouge, the care programs are generally about six-months long. And that can depend on which program the client picks—Become Pain-Free or Get More Active. Become Pain-Free focuses on physical pain relief. The Get More Active program is the second step of the Live Pain-Free process, which adds performance enhancement and mindfulness, Lerouge noted. The Become Pain-Free program has three-month or longer online options. The programs are developed by Lerouge based on his 13 years of personal and clinical experience, and are assessed by the client throughout treatment.

In recent years, the center has evolved from looking at the body with a symptomatic view to a systematic view, Lerouge stated. “We’ve gone from chasing pain to teaching people in a structured way how to eliminate pain for the long-term. Our knowledge-based curriculum is very similar to a school—you have to learn what your body is doing and why it’s doing it so you can always be ahead of your issues.”

The latest advancement at the center is the Become Pain-Free online portal. “It’s absolutely amazing,” Lerouge said. “It teaches patients all the educational aspects of why their bodies react in a pain response. It shows the step-by-step process on how to repair physical pain through soft tissue work—aspects of foam rolling and stretching. Then it teaches patients how to integrate these steps into their life.” 

According to Lerouge,“This is unique because the curriculum of the step-bystep online portal allows clients to help themselves. It empowers them to learn how to be their own self-care advocate.

The average age of clients range from age 30 to 60, male and female. It’s trending toward athletes and injured athletes wanting to return to their sport, Lerouge said.

“My program is based on empowerment and my clients say that changes the whole way they think about and deal with pain. They learn that they have the power to eliminate pain for the long term. For them, this is a lifesaver and something they can utilize the rest of their lives.”