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A4M Announces First-ever Conference in New Delhi

Longevity By Nature

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) has announced a new partnership with India, as part of the company’s continued commitment to international expansion: with upcoming events in 2019 spanning the world’s largest urban metropolises. Following nearly three decades of successfully developing and spearheading the anti-aging movement—poised to become one of the largest businesses worldwide—A4M’s expansion in India cements its ever-increasing international impact and scope.

The first event marking this important partnership will occur in January 2020 in New Delhi: featuring the field’s most accomplished and renowned clinical experts, researchers and investigators sharing the most current, cutting-edge research. As a foundational meeting in the fundamental tenets of anti-aging medicine, the conference will highlight the most recently emerging therapeutic practices and protocols in personalized and preventive care: with a specific focus on how to customize and individualize medicine, and address root causes in order to generate enhanced patient outcomes and more effective care.

Developed in partnership with Bhupendra Kumar Modi (Dr. M), a successful social entrepreneur and a global thought leader who is the promoter of Modi Mediciti—India’s largest upcoming premier health care ecosystem in New Delhi—and who has recently launched the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre in Saket as part of the Mediciti, A4M India is a continuation of collective efforts to celebrate and advocate breakthrough transformations in the ever-changing landscape of health care. With the Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre’s focus on long-term solutions through integrative approaches including regenerative medicine techniques, plant-based nutraceuticals, hormonal therapies and lifestyle support & recommendations, India is well poised to become a designated hub of integrative wellness and proactive health care.

Quoted in a recently published article in Business Standard, Preeti Malhotra, president of Modi Mediciti and GMHRC, stated: “Our vision behind bringing this concept to India was to disrupt the healthcare model in the country. Health care services currently offered across the country are essentially based on reactive care and not preventive care. We want to completely transform this dynamic.” Through a holistic and comprehensive approach, the Centre and A4M’s mutually aligned goals will redefine today’s practice of health care.

With the medical field’s evolving emphasis on disease prevention before symptoms occur, A4M’s expansion in India marks an important step in facilitating the goals of preventative medicine. As A4M’s international offerings increase globally, along with its longstanding focus on treatment of symptoms and root causes, A4M is uniquely positioned to advance, the landscape of modern medicine in partnership with health care practitioners and professionals throughout the world.

For more information, visit www.a4m.com.