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A4M and MMI Announce Official Launch of Blackboard, Inc.

Longevity By Nature

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) have announced the official launch of Blackboard, Inc. An educational technology company known for Blackboard Learn, its learning management system, Blackboard’s products and services are used by 75 percent of colleges and universities in the United States. According to Times Higher Education Reputation Ranking, 80 percent of the world’s top academic institutions utilize Blackboard’s tools: engineered to provide increased availability, rapid feedback, improved communication and continuous skill-building.

A4M/MMI offers comprehensive medical education offerings across multiple specialty areas and disciplines, including anti-aging, functional and integrative medicine. Through Fellowships and Certification programs, the training through A4M/MMI focuses not only on healthcare, but also the role of technology in wellness—coupled with a strong emphasis on practice management, operations, marketing, and legal & ethical topics as related to healthcare. The organization’s flagship educational opportunity, the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine—recently accredited for the second year through the Royal College of General Practitioners—is an interactive online educational experience with modular training that includes hands-on clinical training and web broadcasts.

The partnership between A4M/MMI and Blackboard will be comprised of Blackboard Course Delivery, Community Engagement, Content Management and Mobile Learn. Blackboard users will now have a platform for faculty communication and content-sharing, with mail and discussion functions, in addition to more streamlined access to learning modules and assessments. Several of the more advanced modules include pre- and post-module activities, with accompanying webinars, critical thinking questions, and other evaluations designed to streamline and enhance the overall learning experience.

“Blackboard represents a significant step in further strengthening the A4M/MMI community, past the education that clinicians & attendees are learning through the training programs and workshops,” said Doreen Brown, CEO of Tarsus Medical. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to provide learners with the ability to connect with faculty members, and other learners, to better acquire and carry out the educational teachings and objectives in their own practices. The options provided by Blackboard will help facilitate and develop more advanced educational programs, as the organization continues to institute a new standard of medical education.

For more information, visit www.a4m.com.