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Adora Winquist, Author and Plant and Vibrational Medicine Expert

Adora Winquist Adora Winquist
Longevity By Nature

Author and expert in the fields of plant and vibrational medicine, Adora Winquist is a visionary in the nascent arena of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery, which facilitates healing at the DNA level. She intertwines the divine knowledge and ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy, psycho spiritual dynamics, essential oil and energy medicine through her 20-plus years as a facilitator, educator, formulator and entrepreneur.

A pioneer in the field of aromatherapy, Winquist continues to be sought out for her unique nose and ability to formulate aromatic products for individual and corporate clients through her website www.adorawinquist.com.

She is the co-author of Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood and Love, a revolutionary guide to healing at the DNA level for self-mastery, available through the U.K. based publisher, Aeon Books.

In 2021, Winquist launched The Elixirs for Quantum Living, the first line of nanoparticle essential oil blends, a groundbreaking trinity of nano-particle CBD, and vibrational frequency infusions offer alchemical solutions to three aspects of existence we search to balance mood, energy and sleep.

Q: What was your motivation behind writing Detox, Nourish, Activate?

A: I have penned a book to help others transform their health, nourish their well-being and find their most fulfilled life. Traveling the world, my journey of exploring numerous healing modalities, esoteric practices, psycho-dynamic skill sets, and development of hundreds of aromatic healing products, have all led me to create a unique philosophy and a greater understanding of how to help others heal from past trauma and improve their health and life.

In my book, I share systems and practices to help the body and mind through techniques and lifestyle changes. I wrote the book for those stuck on a dead-end road, lost in negative patterns of thought or behaviors, or are just searching for a greater purpose in life. It offers a three-step system designed to heal trauma at the core level from this lifetime and many previous generations. Three well-being areas are explored in-depth, with eleven primary alchemical interventions to facilitate healing down to the DNA level.

Q: How does the body release toxins?

A: Toxins accumulate within our system from internal (physical and emotional) and external (pollutants, chemicals) sources. The longer we go without addressing this important part of our physiology, the more significant toxins can manifest as acute or chronic ailments. Our bodies release toxins in a number of ways. Proper hydration, rest and elimination are key ways the body releases toxins. Drinking at least eight to 10 glasses of clean water, nutrient-rich herbal teas, such as nettle and tulsi per day, and balancing electrolytes is crucial for toxin release. Sweating through exercise and sauna usage also supports toxin release. Intermittent fasting has gained popularity for healthy weight and cognitive function, as well as supporting the body to release unhealthy toxins.

Q: What are the benefits of essential oils and how can they be utilized?

A: Essential oils, plant extracts, have long been heralded for their multitude of health benefits, and promoting strong immunity is one of them. With their antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, which can impact both physical and mental health, they may be an “essential” part of key to achieving optimum health and wellbeing.

For those who don’t already know, aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and plant extracts to treat a variety of different conditions. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries and is touted to bring harmony to a person’s mind, body and soul. The oils can be used for massaging, in creams, lotions and oils for applying to your body, in baths, steam inhalation, aromatic spritzers, diffusions and inhalations.

An integral component to wellbeing is the inhalation of essential oils. This is because of the proximity of the nose to the brain, specifically the amygdala and limbic system, which regulates so much of the body’s physiology, including mood, memory and emotion. The oils can repattern the neural pathways of the brain with healthy and harmonious messaging to create a new life filled with the expectation of joy, love and vibrancy.

When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. Essential oils can also be absorbed by the skin.

Aromatherapy can be used for easing stress, anxiety and depression; it can encourage relaxation; improve sleep patterns; and ease certain types of pain such as pain from kidney stones and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Inhalation is the most beneficial way to use essential oils. Inhale essential oils by sniffing the bottle directly or adding a few drops of oil to a cotton ball or handkerchief. This method helps clear your nasal passages so you can breathe better. The oils may also help you sleep better and destress. You can also add a few drops essential oils to: a diffuser, to clean the air; dilute in a carrier oil and add to steamy bathwater; a carrier oil, for massaging the head, neck or feet; a large bowl of hot water, for steam inhalation; or a hot or cold compresses.

Q: In the book, you emphasize the importance of water and whole foods. Can you give examples of how different foods benefit the body’s systems?

A: In the simplest terms, what we put into our body has a direct impact on what we get out of it. Our overall well-being, vitality, mental-emotional capacity and resilience are directly connected to how we nourish ourselves. Whole foods allow us to optimize the body’s ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients without the preservative laden byproducts found in most packaged and prepared foods. Organic and locally grown foods allow us both a higher vibrational, pesticide-free food source, as well as a smaller carbon footprint, also enriching our local economies. Nutrient rich foods like cacao, artichokes and cranberries are excellent for the cardiovascular system. Walnuts, shaped like the brain food, provide this system of the body with fuel in the form of healthy fats as does wild caught salmon. The popular Himalayan superfood goji energizes and strengthens the adrenal system with its versatile vitamin profile. Beets are a delicious and nutritious way to energize the body and spirulina is one of my favorite smoothie juice additions to nourish and activate multiple bodily systems including the adrenals and brain.

Q: Please explain hydrotherapy and why it is good for the body?

A: The art of bathing has been a holistic health practice for centuries. From hot springs to curative mineral baths we have immersed ourselves in water for rest and rejuvenation since time immemorial. From offering a deep sense of tranquil calm, relieving aching joints and muscles, addressing stress related nervous systems complaints like insomnia and anxiety, we can improve blood flow, bolster immunity and reduce inflammation. I take at least one bath a day and on days where my schedule is more demanding, it becomes two, as a means to balance my body-mind and optimize my cognitive function and upbeat mental outlook.

Epsom Salt Restorative Bath
2 cups Epsom salts
4 drops carrot seed essential oil (Daucus carota)
3 drops of ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale)
3 drops of geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens)
*Add to warm water and soak for at least 20 minutes for optimum results

Q: How does sleep, or a lack thereof, affect the body?

A: Sleep is a miraculous curative. With relative ease, we can witness the contrast from our mood, energy and mental clarity between a great night’s sleep and one that is subpar. Just as an excellent night of deep sleep can make us feel seemingly invincible, a lack thereof can create emotional imbalance, mental fog and lowered libido. Even more significant mental health challenges, weight gain, cardiovascular and immunity issues can arise. More than just beauty sleep, a good night’s rest is imperative to function at the top of your physical, mental and emotional game.

Q: What advantages does meditation offer?

A: With modern life being stressful and exhausting, it’s imperative for people everywhere to press pause and take a moment to reboot. Improve your health and happiness by slowing down a bit and focusing on yourself. Meditation is widely applauded for its health benefits, and its ability to reduce stress, improve brain function and overall well-being.

Current studies show a magnitude of health benefits ranging from bolstering immunity, supporting brain health, cognitive function and neuroplasticity. Meditation increases emotional resilience and increases focus and prolonged concentration. Meditation allows us to explore our emotional triggers and habitual responses. It is through this practice we can visualize healthier ways of thinking, feeling and increased emotional resilience. When we allow our body and mind to quiet, we can untangle our thought patterns and renew mental clarity.

Spiritually, meditation allows our energy and auric field to easily align and ground with the Earth. It’s here that we can find stillness in the chaotic world around us. Physical and emotional benefits are plentiful. Meditation calms the mind and offers greater mental clarity. Harnessing our thoughts and emotions creates empowered decisions.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: I have spent more than 20 years supporting others to find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. That is what drives and has always inspired me in all my business developments. I love working with people, offering insight and guidance to awaken the innate wisdom and consciousness that can help humanity shift, grow and heal. My prerogative is to elevate people’s life in every way: emotional balance, mental clarity, physical vibrancy and spiritual awakening.

In the shadow of 2020, many are awakening more quickly to the call for deeper, interconnected healing and purposeful change. Although we’re all in different places on our journey toward self-mastery, every moment is divinely guiding us to answer that call, nurture the unique light within, and take our place on the quantum path toward the unity of all humanity. We are all searching for healthier, more natural ways to empower our emotional response and balance our well-being, despite what is happening around us.