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Bauman College Celebrates 30 Years

Longevity By Nature

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Bauman College (Berkeley, CA) continues to be at the forefront of the holistic health movement. It was a pioneer who championed ideas now widely accepted in the whole-foods movement, and its renowned Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef programs are grounded in a scientific, evidence-based approach.

Dr. Ed Bauman founded the school in 1989 when the American food scene was at a low point. “Processed food was the norm,” he explained. “Graduate schools were still teaching nutrition professionals the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the four basic food groups, which later became the Food Guide Pyramid.”

“Appalled by this, I was determined to develop an alternative, so I designed Eating for Health, a diversified, non-dogmatic, whole-food system that created the foundation for a new and better educational process that has brought many to Bauman College.”

Bauman’s acclaimed Eating for Health system seeks to strategically develop food plans for people rather than relying on a cookie-cutter food model that only works for a small portion of the population. It also serves to clear up the confusion caused by the endless stream of fad diets. It features fresh, whole foods that align with people’s needs, preferences, access, time and financial constraints, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with attention paid to changes in seasons, situations, aging and health challenges.

The goals of this unique system are first to provide optimal nutrient density that can be most efficiently digested and assimilated. Eating for Health also seeks to reconnect people with the intrinsic pleasures to be gained from choosing delicious, nourishing foods and eating them mindfully and with gratitude. This allows for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients, along with a sense of having nourished oneself, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Eating for Health embraces two powerful maxims—“food is the best medicine” and “know thyself”—creating a synergy that opens the way to wellness and service.

Bauman College Director of Academics Rosie Ueng, MS agrees. “When Bauman College was founded, it was the only program of its kind, a pioneer in the field of holistic health and nutrition. Dr. Bauman offered an individualized and inclusive, whole-foods perspective that hugely contributed to revolutionizing the paradigm of wellness. The school has since paved the path to an increased collective awareness of food as medicine.”

Dr. Bauman’s ideas have been reinforced by a breadth of research, and the college’s curricula are constantly updated to incorporate additional findings from the most current scientific studies.

Ueng is determined that Bauman will continue to change the world through nutrition. “The humanitarian and planetary health concerns we face today are more imminent than ever before,” she said. “In the face of these concerns, Bauman College will continue to be a leader in promoting healing on individual, community, and global levels.”

Celebratory events and curriculum news will be announced throughout the year.

For more information, visit https://baumancollege.org.