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Environmental Working Group Launches “Food Scores: Rate Your Plate”

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The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) release of its “Food Scores: Rate Your Plate” earlier this week has already helped tens of thousands of consumers find out what’s really in their food.

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EWG noted nearly 60 percent of the foods in this new database contain at least one form of added sugar, and in some food categories added sugar is shockingly pervasive. It also found that 92 percent of granola and trail mix bars in the database contain added sugars. In some cases, almost a third of the bar’s weight is sugar.

“This new consumer tool is the most comprehensive food database available today. Its scoring system factors in not only nutrition, but also ingredient concerns­ such as potentially harmful food additives and toxic contaminants ­as well as processing,” according to EWG. “You’ll also be able to see if your foods are certified GMO-free, organic and so much more.”

EWG reported that its Food Scores database aims to show consumers what’s really in their food and help guide them to safer, healthier and greener alternatives.

To visit EWG’s Food Scores, visit www.ewg.org/foodscores.