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Fairhaven Health Announces Partnership with Toni Weschler

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Fairhaven Health (Bellingham, WA) has announced its new partnership with Toni Weschler, nationally renowned women’s health educator and speaker, and author of the bestselling book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Through this partnership, Fairhaven Health and Weschler are combining forces to empower women around the world with the information and tools they need to achieve pregnancy naturally.

“It is a tremendous honor to be collaborating with Toni”, said Suzanne Munson, vice president of product development at Fairhaven Health. “Her trail-blazing work in the field of female fertility and reproductive health is truly inspiring, and her passion in this area makes her an absolute delight to work with.”

For nearly 20 years, Taking Charge of Your Fertility has been the go-to resource for women seeking to learn more about their bodies. Through her book and her nationwide speaking engagements, Weschler has taught hundreds of thousands of women the principles of the Fertility Awareness Method, which Weschler describes as a “remarkable system of knowledge that uses the two primary fertility signs of basal body temperature and cervical fluid to accurately gauge when you are ovulating.” This information has helped countless women achieve pregnancy naturally, and countless others avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Fundamental to Weschler’s teachings is fertility charting, which, she says, “requires only a basal body thermometer and a piece of paper with a chart on it.” But, while that remains as true today as it was 20 years ago, Weschler recognizes that many women enjoy the convenience and sophistication that technology brings to fertility charting—which is why she has chosen OvaGraph, Fairhaven Health’s free fertility charting website and mobile app, as the official charting tool of “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.”

“While we are experts in fertility and fertility charting in our own right, our partnership with Toni has helped us transform OvaGraph into an even better place for women to learn to chart their fertility and to share in a vibrant and growing community of women desiring to really understand their reproductive health,” said Ethan Lynette, partner at Fairhaven Health.

OvaGraph’s charting interface was designed by Toni to match the intuitive charting style described in her book, and the interpretive fertility algorithms are the most sophisticated available.

Along with advanced fertility charting tools, OvaGraph offers educational content and interactive forums on a range of topics covering all aspects of female reproductive health—all free of charge.

To learn more, go to www.ovagraph.com or download the free mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.